Summary of CA Board Meeting 2018-1-25

Resident Speakout

  1. Linda Wingel, from Town Center Village Board, talked about the Lakefront development. The new plan was quite different from original plan (2010). She did not like it.
  2. Marcie White, from Oakland Mill, supported Inner Arbor Trust funding, expressed satisfaction with CA’s pathway improvement along Lake Kittamaqundi.
  3. Tim Lattin, talked about Climate community activities happened after CA endorsed the Paris Climate Pact.
  4. Joel Hurwitz, HoCo Indivisible, talked about climate committee, lakefront design, possible handling of American City.


The board heard reports from the presidents, Inner Arbor Trust and

Update from Lakefront Design Guidelines.

  1. One 1/18/2018, DPZ recommended approval of the Lakefront Core Neighborhood Concept Plan, Neighborhood Design Guidelines, Implementation Plan and Final Development Plan.
  2. The scale and height (both in meter and in story) has been a debating topic.
  3. Parking is another debating issue.  There will be no public parking, but private parking public available.
  4. Wincopin Connector will come back. “The Wincopin extension will improve connectivity for all transportation modes and increase the viability of retail uses along the new street. This new portion of Wincopin, adjacent to the Lakefront Plaza, should be designed to extend the plaza up to the building face of the future development, with corresponding design elements that could include flush curbs, special paving/pavers, and/or bollards. Having the ability to close down this section of the street will allow for greater flexibility for programmed events, temporary outdoor dining, and community festivals.”
  5. People Tree will stay in the Lakefront Area.

Board Action:

  1. The board approved the appointment of the Kings Contrivance Representative to the Watershed Advisory Committee.
  2. The board approved transfer of capital funds in watershed-related capital projects between fiscal years.
  3. The board approved several land easements.
  4. The board asked staff  to draft a charter for a climate advisory committee for approval in February board meeting.

Board Discussion:

  1. Organization to invite to the April 2018 Stakeholders Dinner: Board of Directors of Howard Community College, Executive of Howard General Hospital.
  2. CA Dashboard (700-800 employee membership)

3. The staff will come out with a metrics or an indicator how our members participates.


3. The average NPS score is 43.