2018 Final HoCo BOE 13 Candidate List

There are 13 Board of Education candidates (We need elect 8 for the primary on Tuesday 6/26/2018 and elect 4 on Tuesday 11/6/2018). School board member has a part time job, but the work is tremendously important to our community. Their work can help us strengthen our school system and guarantee a quality education for all of our children on this county.

I will be your candidate who listens to you, seeks common ground and makes sound and practical judgements.

Here is the list of 2018 HoCo BOE candidates and I will highlight how I know them before.

Candidate Website Background
Chao Wu http://www.chaowu.org It is me, an engineer and analyst, a Board Member of Columbia Association and River Hill Village Association
Sabina Taj sabinataj.org Adjunct Professor at Howard Community College
Mavourene Robinson none CAC member, used to be River Hill Village Board Member
Saif Reihman http://www.vote4rehman.com A private business owner
Carleen Pena none CAC member
Anita Pandey http://www.anitapandeyboe.org Professor from Morgan State University
Robert Miller http://www.miller4boe.org Retired HCPSS teacher, ran BOE in 2016
Jen Mallo votejenmallo.com CAC member. I knew her husband through BOE Operating Budget Review Committee meetings before.
Danny Mackey dannymackey.org HCPSS graduate
Christopher Michael Hilfiger hilfigerforboe.com none
Timothy Hodgson Hamilton hamiltonforboe.com none
Bog Glascock http://www.bobglascock.org retired HCPSS teacher
Vicky Cutroneo none ran BOE in 2016, current PTAC president

Here CAC stands for Community Advisory Committee for HCPSS. When I wrote the article around 9:30PM tonight, we had only twelve candidates. Now we got the 13th candidate:Vicky Cutroneo.