Proposed 2019 HCPSS Budget

Many people asked me about the 2019 HCPSS Budget. I am extracting some key figures here for people to have a high-level overview.

Current Status: The Board is making changes on this budget and will approve the final version soon and then send it to the county executive. The county executive may make changes if needed and then send the budget to the county council for approval. Then county council may make changes (the council can restore the cut if the county executive makes cut, but the council cannot add more than the originally asked amount) and decide to approve it or not.

The 631 pages budget book is located here:$file/01%2009%202018%20FY%202019%20Supt%20Proposed%20Operating%20Budget.pdf

2019 HCPSS expenditures by category

2019 HCPSS budget categories

Of each budget dollar, 80 cents funds school staff and teaching materials, 5 cents funds transportation, and 11 cents funds facility operation and maintenance. Central office administration and support accounts for just 4 cents per budget dollar – representing one of the lowest overhead levels among school systems throughout Maryland.


2019 HCPSS revenue