Summary of CA Board Meeting of 2018-2-22

Resident Speakout:

Judy Neckrite., from River Hill, advocating for Columbia Arts Center

Crissy Simpson, advocating for the Columbia Arts Center

Percy, advocating for Columbia Arts Center

Anne Misita, for Columbia Arts Center

Elisabeth Hoffman, advocating for Arts Center

Tim Lattimer, celebrating his Birthday tonight with supporting the Climate Change and Sustainability Advisory Committee.

Joel, Hurewitz, supporting the Climate Advisory Committee, and a state house bill HB 1568, and a bill in the state house (Public Service Companies – Facility Equipment – Removal, , taking about how CA should deal with many more competitions from other fitness providers for similar services CA offer.

Nina Basu, chair of Long Reach Village Board,  supporting a phased-in Orchard Plan for mixed use village center. They want to make sure Columbia Arts Center stay.

President’s Report:

The CA development tracker is back online and Long Reach Tennis Court will be available by March.

Board Votes:

  1. The Annual Charge rate of $0.68 and cap of 3.5 percent proposed for the FY 2019 and conditional FY 2020 budgets.  The board approved this rate and cap.   (My amendment to reduce annual charge rate from $0.68 to $0.65 failed.  I will keep pushing to lower the annual charge rate.)
  2. Rates for memberships, daily fees and admissions for Sport and Fitness facilities, School Age Services monthly rates and rates for Open Space Management facilities.
    1. The board failed Gregg’s amendment (%10 reduction of membership fee).
    2. The board failed Gregg’s amendment (holding the membership fee the same as 2018 year, i.e., holding the 2.5% increase of membership fee)
    3. The board tabled Gregg’s amendment ( re-define the family membership to include single parent family).
    4. The board tabled Gregg’s motion from 4-13.
  3. The proposed FY 2019 Capital Budget
    1. Ginny motioned to add a condition on 1 million dollar investment on the Haven on the Lake. The motion was approved.
    2. Nancy motioned to take out 250,000 (put 100,000 in 2020 as placeholder) from Lakefront Master Plan Design. and The motion was approved.
    3. I made a motion to remove the money from village sign replacement of 135,000 in 2019 and 53,000 in 2020. The motion passed.
  4. The proposed FY 2019 Operating Budget
    1. The board made conditions to give money to Inner Arbor Trust. The CA board need to approve the pathway plan to give IAT money.
    2. The board approved the amended 2019 operating budget.
  5. The board approved the proposed conditional FY 2020 Capital Budget
  6. The conditional FY 2020 Operating Budget . The board approved it.
  7. The board approved the amended charter for the Climate and Sustainability Advisory Committee.

The meeting ended around 11:50 PM. We had not had such a long meeting for a while.



5 thoughts on “Summary of CA Board Meeting of 2018-2-22

  1. Dr. Chao Wu, 2018 BOE Candidate says:

    Libda, you are right. The pathway design will need CA board approval and CA will provide funding and other resources to make it a success.

  2. Linda Wengel says:

    I believe CA will be managing construction of the pathways.

  3. Dr. Chao Wu, 2018 BOE Candidate says:

    JD, the motion on the Inner Arbor Trust funding was pretty long. I will add it later when the official minute is released. The board chair Andy Stack made the motion and Alan Klein made an amendment, both the amendment and motion were passed last night.

  4. Chao. Thanks for the summary. I appreciate your commitment to transparency. I have a question about the conditions imposed on Inner Arbor Trust: What are they?

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