HCPSS Equitable and Effective Discipline Forum

I joined many community members in this forum and listened to Dr. Gina Massella’s presentation this morning at Long Reach High School at 8:30.

In my table, we had a NAACP of HoCo member, a LRHS student council student, Barb Krupiarz from HCPSS Special Education Advisory Committee and an HCPSS teacher(facilitator). I learned a lot and we should improve the situation asap.

We have a lot to do. In one way, we should not be afraid of discipling students because we want to have our numbers look good. But most important, we should address the discipline problem with students, staff and parents to help our students grow and succeed. Out-of-school discipline is especially not good to the students and should be minimized. The process probably will not finish in a day, but I am confident we can achieve that. And we should have the urgency to fix it too.

Attached are some figures.

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  1. Note: A follow-up event is planned for Thursday, April 11, 7–8:30 p.m. at Hammond High School, during which
    participants will discuss solutions and address additional issues raised in the first two forums.

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