Summary of CA board meeting on 2018-3-22

 Resident SpeakOut:

  1. Chris Alleva, talked about Howard Hughs should be more cooperative with CA, since CA is very cooperative with them.  He talked about Howard Hughs was against competition. He talked about the county zoning and CA’s possible commercial covenant enforcement.
  2. Susan Campbell, brought a zoning violation case ( Bruce R. Altschuler and Rught P. Altschuler versus Howard County Planning Board).  There was a dispute of a 33-feet amateur communication tower. The Kings Contrivance Village RAC approved it and the zoning board disallowed it.
  3. Paul Verchinski,  kudos to CA’s snow cleaning effort across the bridge at American City Building, asked CA board to take a position on Long Reach Village Redevelopment effort. Right now the zoning board tabled the approval of it. It will slow down the redevelopment for at least a year.  Some senior dropped out of CA facility because of fees, facilities, and competitions.  EV  charge station was discussed.
  4. Eric Avant, Harper’s Choice, liked the new tennis facility at Long Reach Village. He liked the podcast and video conference of CA board meetings. He asked CA not to install the village sign for Harper’s Choice.

President Report

Columbia was named the ―12th Happiest City in America‖ by WalletHub, a Washington, DC-based personal finance website launched in August 2013. WalletHub examined 180 of the largest U. S. cities and based its findings on 28 key indicators of happiness, ranging from depression rate to income-growth rate to leisure time spent per day.

The board and staff talked about the problem with CA class registration. CA is working with vendor to solve the problem.

Dan talked about the incoming closure of Athletic Club for six months for renovation. The Columbia Gym will not be closed for maintenance starting from this year. CA staff figured out how to do continuous maintenance without closing the facility.


  1. The Columbia Association (“CA”) Board of Directors (the “Board”) has considered the feasibility of CA’s undertaking of responsibility for commercial covenant enforcement authority (the “Authority”) in Columbia.
  2. The board discussed strategic issues for the next 12 months and will focus on the following four directions:
    1. CA’s role in the continued re/development of Columbia
    2. Examine declining resident memberships and how to address this
    3. Participation in redrafting the land development regulations
    4. Increasing millennial participation
  3. Overview of Final Report on the Development Regulations Assessment.