Columbia Development Tracker 2018-04

This development tracker is created by CA staff. More historical development status can be found at

I always keep a close eye on this tracking because our schools are facing an overcrowding issue and residents complaint about lack of infrastructure support. I am listing major housing development here.

By the way, the newly proposed 375 units located at the intersection of Leishear and Gorman Road has not been included here yet. This development will have a huge impact

Near Dorsey Search

Dorsey Overlook The owner of property at the NE quadrant of the intersection of Route 108 and Columbia Rd is proposing to build a 133-unit, age-restricted apartment on 4.5 acres.

Near Tow Center

PB 435/FDP-DC-L-1 Downtown Columbia, Lakefront Core Neighborhood, Phase1

The property owner is seeking approval of the FDP, NCP, NDG, and NIP for Phase 1 of the Lakefront Core Neighborhood including 509 dwelling units and increased net new retail and office development, two community commons, the lakefront connection, the Lakefront Neighborhood Square, and a network of public and private streets.

Near River Hill

GPA 2018-01-Erickson Living Petition to amend the General Plan to revise the Planned Service Area (“PSA”), Growth Tier Maps, and Designated Place Types for Howard County.

The petition is associated with the project is known as Erickson Senior Living at Limestone Valley and a zoning change proposal to create a CEF-M district for the purposes of developing 1,200 independent living residences and a care center with 240 beds on approximately 61 acres located in Clarksville, MD in the vicinity of Clarksville Pike and Sheppard Lane.

A revised concept plan was submitted in February 2018.

Long Reach

Long Reach Village Center ZB 1121M-Orchard Development

Major Village Center Redevelopment of 18.07 acres with proposed mixed-use buildings with retail, commercial, and office space. Project includes residential townhouses, senior housing, and community space.

Near Hickory Ridge

ZB-1115M Preliminary evaluation for proposed Community Enhancement Floating – Mixed Use (CEF-M) zoning district.

Brightview Senior Living – Columbia is seeking a rezoning of three parcels from R-12 zoning to CEF-M. The site is ~ 6.69 acres, is located at 6680 Martin Road, is adjacent to Route 29 and Martin Road Park, and includes the historic Athol Manor site. The associated development proposal is for 170 Senior Living Residences (80 assisted, 90 independent

Near Kings Contrivance

Case No: BA-17-030C – Conditional Use Case Proposal to build 24 single family attached age-restricted houses at the SW corner of Guilford Road and Eden Brook Drive on the historic Wildwood House site. The Design Advisory Panel reviewed this case in fall 2017 and recommended changes to the site layout and architecture.

River Hill

Simpson Oaks Phase 1 and 2 WP-18-083 (Associated with F-18-060)

The owners submitted an alternative compliance request to reactivate their final plan submission deadline for Phase 2 of their project. The plan consists of 46 single-family detached home lots and 83 town home lots, 12 open space parcels and 8 future residential parcels to be developed under Phase 2 on ~60 acres of land.
The Howard County Zoning Board previously approved a rezoning of the property from commercial to CEF-R.
The DPZ has approved two waiver petitions requesting alternative compliance from requirements prohibiting the removal of specimen trees and a requirement to submit a preliminary plan for Phase 2 of the project.

You can have a look at the document for details :