Who to Vote for Howard County School Board

Save the Best for Last and Vote for Dr. Chao Wu as shown in the ballot.

There is not doubt that you should vote for Dr. Chao Wu for the school board.

  1. He has been involved with the school systems for more than three years. He testified in front Board of Education for many times. He participated in many meetings in PTA, PTAC, CAC, etc. He joined the BOE operating budget review committee to look at our school spendings and priorities..
  2. He has the experience as an elected board member for Columbia Association to manage a big organization. He was once the vice chair and the chair of the budget committee ( 72 million dollars’ budget). He was on the Risk Management Committee and Audit Committee. He is in the International Multi-culture Advisory Committee. He led a team and developed another sister city for Columbia. He is always responsive to citizens’ concerns.
  3. He has the strong believe that great education is the key to success for our students. He came from a low-income family, and studied in China, Singapore and USA. He graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a PhD degree from Electrical and Computer Engineering.
  4. He is always improving himself. He is not as eloquent as other candidates because he only started to learn English at Middle School and oral speaking was not a focus in his schools. He keep increasing his English vocabulary and reducing his accent. He always believe he should always try his best and never give up.
  5. He is open minded and looks for solutions to change the status quo. He seeks common ground and believes common sense.

More will come along the way. Thanks for reading.

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