2020 OBRC Presentation before the BOE

Here is the BOE operating budget review committee (OBRC) recommendation on the budget and others. Four recommendations by a majority vote:

The OBRC would like the Board to review the HCPSS plan that will address the cost of deferred maintenance (FY18, 19 & 20 OBRC recommendations).

The OBRC recommends that the Board of Education direct HCPSS to use an independent, third party consultant to identify and analyze options and alternative health fund plans used by other school systems, including school systems in Maryland. These options and alternatives should include potential cost savings that HCPSS may wish to consider

OBRC made a motion to elevate from the OBRC FY20 list of recommendations. ‘Develop a formula to finance BSAP, Hispanic Achievement and International Student Support based on Maintenance of Effort’.

OBRC requests HCPSS provide the following analysis specifying the underlying assumptions (identifying the money sources) and denoting the reference documents that were used for the calculations.

Here is the report in PDF format.