Pre-Submission Meeting Minutes for Erickson Senior Living at Clarksville

This is the minutes of the first pre-submission meeting for Erickson Senior Living at Clarksville. The development is called Erickson Living at Limestone Valley.

River Hill Village Board has presented our feedback to the Design Advisory Panel too.

I am attaching two documents here for people of interest:

1) Erickson Meeting Minutes 11.8.2017 PSCM Minutes

2) River Hill Village Board Feedback to DAP on Erickson Development

Collusion or honest mistake on APFO

Now many people know that bills passed by the HoCo county council (CB60, CB61, CB62) on Monday night (11/6/2017) are invalid because when the county council voted, the bill already expired.

People are evaluating whether it is a collusion or an honest mistake from our County Council. Maybe you will never know. The fact that developers sitting in the meeting room knew the timeline very well and took pictures of the elapse of the time tell us that it is a collusion. Emails from our elected county council members tell us it was an honest mistake.

However, I wish the county council is able to correct their honest mistake and remember this is their legacy. Legacy is a word of something. When some former county council member talked about APFO and unregulated development in HoCo, it seemed the current over development was totally not her business at all. In fact, she took a lot of political donations from the developers and approved those developments. It was her legacy and she just did not care about it and now she is running for another office in the state.

Get it right, Howard County Council. The overcrowded schools need relief. The quality of life of people does matter. While attending meetings, talking with parents, watching BOE meeting online, I can feel the anxiety from many parents because of this school redistricting. Tightening APFO will help reduce future school overcrowding.  The bill failed unexpectedly this Monday.

I wish in the future, Mr. Frank Hecker will update his book “dividing Howard”. He will take a note on this drama and comment on legacy, controversy, achievement, collusion or corruption on our local elected officials. Otherwise, newcomers to the county do not know the recent history of the county, even the latest 10-year history.

A link about this news:

Erickson Pre-submission Meeting Update on 11-08-2017

 Here are a few highlights from the meeting:
  • Balloon Test – 12/2 (this will be the 2ndtest, once I have info on the time I’ll share it with you and also send it out via the listserv).
  • If the project is approved, they expect it will take 6 – 10 years to reach buildout. The sales center will be constructed first, then the road improvements will be made, a couple of initial buildings constructed, the rest of the buildings will be built on demand.
  • They made a few modifications to the concept plan based on input received to date:
  • Reduced surface parking for employees;
  • Added a community/public playground (off of the Linden Linthicum Lane ext);
  • Added a dog park (off of the Linden Linthicum Lane ext);
  • Relocated private garden areas to be in the same vicinity as above.
  • Multi-use shared pathway was extended across Sheppard Lane and onto SHA land at the corner.
  • The incorporation of the properties into the Planned Service Area (PSA) must occur before the Zoning Board approved the zoning change to CEF-M. This is a legislative change amending the County’s General Plan. The two processes will run in parallel. Anticipated schedule (subject to change):
  • Design Advisory Panel (DAP) Review – December 2017 (rumor mill has it as 12/6 but I have not received a formal announcement). Public can provide written comments only. Public may attend meeting; but, observe only.
  • Planning Board Review (January/February 2018) – for CEF and General Plan amendment – Public comments accepted written/in person.
  • County Council legislative session for General Plan amendment (Spring 2018) – If they approve the expansion of the PSA and the zoning change is not approved, then the zoning on the properties will revert back to the current zoning.
  • Zoning Board Hearing on CEF-M zoning Change (Spring 2018)
  • Deb Jung, who is running for County Council, questioned whether Erickson would pay property taxes. Evidently some of their facilities are non-profit, and Erickson just manages them e.g., Charlestown. It isn’t clear right now how they plan to operate Limestone Valley.
  • A question was asked about whether any of the units will be “affordable” housing. CEF zoning requires that 10% be moderate income units; however, they could pay a fee in lieu so they could be built elsewhere. So, this is still TBD.
  • Concerns were raised regarding traffic and adequacy and noise impact of emergency services. The discussed the employee schedules being off-peak and the limited number of resident drivers despite the number of units (.16 trips/day per unit). They stated their facilities average 3 trips/day for emergency services. The traffic improvement have been approved in concept by SHA and DPW. Their analysis shows that the Sheppard Lane intersection will change from service level F in a.m. and F in p.m. to B in a.m. and C in p.m. Their traffic study assumed traffic resulting from the redevelopment of the River Hill Garden Center property as well as the Enclave at River Hill development on Guilford Road/MD 108. They estimate the proposed traffic improvements will be a $4-5M investment by Erickson.
  • Richard Smith, LLUMC & Clearview HOA Pres, raised the issue that their proposal opens up opportunity for redevelopment of River Hill Garden Center.
  • Matt Brenner, River Hill resident, originally opposed the project. I spoke with him afterward and he seems to have “come around” and is no longer in opposition given the addition of the playground and dog park.


This is a summary from our River Hill manager. She summarized it from several village board members who attended the meeting.

Colors of the Wind Holiday Gala of Greater Washington DC on 12/16/2017

Colors of the Wind Holiday Gala of Greater Washington DC on 12/16/2017

at River Hill High School










说起谢江,可能很多华府观众并不太了解。其实,曾在广东星星歌舞团及星海音乐学院受过专业舞蹈训练和音乐教育的他,早在1987年参加全国校园歌曲电视大奖赛,以一首自创歌曲《中国,龙的故乡》获优胜奖,并签约中国唱片公司艺术团任独唱演员,发布过演唱专辑,在音乐风光片《七星降人间》担任男主角。1993年,谢江参加纽约美东地区中文歌唱大赛获得冠军及“最佳台风”奖。音乐的魅力将谢江推到了台前及幕后,他创作的歌曲《爸妈我很好!》MTV在广东、上海、北京及天津电视台播出获得广泛好评,并在天津“音乐电视创作龙虎榜”获得“最佳原创音乐”奖。之后,谢江除了大量的音乐制作和表演外,同时投身于演唱会及晚会制作,先后参与或独立制作过“97大运时装界开幕式”、“北京世纪坛世界大学生运动会开幕式演唱会”、“中国十大金曲颁奖典礼”,还有崔健、孙楠、羽泉、毛宁等大陆歌手的演唱会,以及港台歌星包括张惠妹、李玟、青山、蔡琴、苏芮、童安格、罗文、甄妮、曹格、S.H.E.、齐秦、温岚等的演唱会。四川汶川地震后,谢江发表了自己创作并演唱的抗震救灾公益歌曲《真情》,感动了许多有爱心的人。2011年,谢江独担重任,在“北美亚洲小姐竞选总决赛”晚会中包揽了音乐创作、主题歌创作、舞美设计、灯光音乐设计、舞蹈设计,及晚会总导演等职,达成了谢江实践全方位艺人的愿望,同时也让他在艺术成长的道路上迈出了更成熟的一步。这次晚会,他将为华府观众带来他演绎的《贝加尔湖》,据说比原唱李健还要有岁月的沉淀感和空灵深邃的穿透力,那种揪人魂魄的唱功,可豪放可静敛,很值得歌友们期待!更值得期待的是,在南美漂泊多年的他,将把源自墨西哥的经典情歌Besama Mucha(吻我,深深地吻吧)以西班牙语原汁原味献给大家,并配以热辣的南美洲风情舞,肯定会令观众大饱耳福与眼福!那种炫目的激情和体验,不到现场亲眼目睹是难以描述的。

另外,当上期介绍中出现魔幻大师大卫·科波菲尔和一位年轻”小生”的照片时,就引起了不少观众的注目。这位”小生”便是即将登临本场晚会的被誉为“逃逸大王”(the greatest escape artist)的Spencer Horsman先生。您可千万别小看了这位年轻人!这位霍斯曼先生,其实是著名的极限魔术师和娱乐大师,曾经闯入过《America’s Got Talent》第7季半决赛,在全世界多场魔术秀和娱乐秀现场的震撼表演,让观众叹为观止,被称为魔术界后浪追前浪的奇迹,简直要比肩科波菲尔大师!Spencer Horsman出生在娱乐世家。其父母Ken和Mary Horsman都是前林林兄弟,巴纳姆贝利马戏团的小丑表演家,扮演麦当劳叔叔广告及影视形象20年。Spencer 4岁时,跟随父亲开始接触魔术,随后跟着父亲一起登台表演。8岁开始学习腹语术,并在全国开始了巡回演出。15岁时,堪称神童的Spencer已经在各种著名的大秀中与著名大咖同台献演,比如在《The Late Show》中与David Letterman同台表演,在《The Jerry Springer Show》、《Talk Soup》、《The Statler Brothers Show》等大秀中精彩亮相,还在拉斯维加斯与David Copperfield和Lance Burton同台竞技。目前,Spencer在世界舞台上十分活跃,他凭着机智和引人入胜的舞台魔术表演深受世界各地观众的喜爱。他的加盟出演,是华府舞台难得一见的胜景,千万别错过这一次见证奇迹的机会!


组委会衷心感谢晚会的赞助商家!目前赞助商家包括东京海鲜楼(Tokyo Seafood Buffet)、全球厨柜批发 (Global Home Co)、泰腾汽车钣金维修中心(Titan Auto Body & Auto Repair)、丰盈国际貿易公司(ToYo International Trading INC)、美国阳恒鞋业有限公司(Star Bay Group Inc.)、爱维贷款(Ivy Mortgage)Zoe Su经理、富友餐馆(Hunan Manor)、吉米修车(Jimmies Auto)、卢全生医生等。如果您也想成为这台炫目激情、火热吉祥晚会的赞助人,请与程云楷703-395-1133、张斌410-294-637联系。



地点:River Hill 高中礼堂(12101 Clarksville Pike, Clarksville, MD 21029)

票价:$15、$20、$50 (VIP),团体票(10张以上可享受8折优惠)。










Colors of the Wind Holiday Gala of Greater Washington DC on 12/16/2017

Colors of the Wind Holiday Gala of Greater Washington DC on 12/16/2017

at River Hill High School



为弘扬中华文化并促进与美国多元文化的交流,亚美发展与交流基金会携手马里兰州培英中文学校,经过几个月的精心筹划,将于12月16日在马州哈维郡(Howard County, Maryland)隆重推出首屆”七彩华府”嘉年晚会。

这台晚会不仅仅是华人社区的活动,也是一个基于美国社区的交流活动。晚会主题“七彩华府”既反映了色彩全谱,也包含了五音七律,它恰恰蕴含着文化交流、族裔交融的意义,这也正是主办方搭建这一平台的用意所在。作为晚会主办方之一的亚美发展与交流基金会,是去年九月在美国马里兰州正式注册成立的一个非赢利、非政治、非宗教民间组织,其宗旨在于提升美国亚太社区的发展与交流及促进国际合作,其所致力的活动除了弘扬中华传统文化、鼓励和助推青少年参与社会活动、支持新移民融入当地社会、助学育人之外,也通过大力开展各种文化交流活动,推广各个领域和地区的经济交往,并通过搭建各种高端国际文化交流、高峰论坛、智库研究等平台来凝聚社会各方面力量。晚会的另一主办方培英中文学校就坐落于风景秀丽的马里兰州哈维郡优秀的RIVER HILL高中,这也是这场晚会的演出场地。成立于2011年的培英中文学校也是一个马里兰注册的非赢利教育机构。作为海外中文教育的一支新军,培英一贯坚持因材施教,小班精英教育理念,把中文教育与服务社区结合起来,在哈维郡首次推出了许多中文以外的课程,教育讲座和社区活动,为社区华裔和其它族裔学生提供紧跟时代的实践和教育,成为了哈维郡堪比私立教育品质的翘楚。

领衔本场晚会担任总指挥并兼任总导演的张斌先生是华府侨界和艺术界熟知的人物,他不仅服务侨社多年并曾担任大华府地区多个社团主要负责人,也与华府地区许多艺术家合作,全身心打造过华府地区多场综艺晚会和音乐会。担任晚会执行导演的是多年来活跃于巴尔的摩和华府地区、组织过多场社区晚会的杨芳女士。她有丰富的晚会组织和舞台表演经验,将精心协助落实晚会细节。晚会组委会团队还囊括了程云楷、伍超等知名侨领,以及以董事长刘登峰、校长黄茹为核心的培英中文学校团队,加上众多艺术家的加盟与合作(本晚会特邀雅歌合唱团指挥苗歌老师和知名旅美音乐制作人谢江先生担任艺术顾问),目前整个晚会节目的征集和麟选已近完成,节目在形式多样性和多族裔参与、艺术、通俗等各方面都会包容,以达到交流的效果及满足观众的需求,为华府地区的族群交融拓展新的路径。晚会将特邀数位专业演员加盟,有纽约来的著名华人音乐人、实力歌手,西裔著名拉丁舞表演艺术家,著名二胡演奏家,以及进入美国达人秀(America‘s Got Talent)准决赛的著名魔术和娱乐大师,还有华府地区的优秀华人表演团体等等,这将是一场荟集华府地区及美东地区中美精品文艺资源的高水平艺术盛会,非常值得期待!

Tokyo Seafood Buffet)、全球厨柜批发 (Global Home Co)、泰腾汽车钣金维修中心(Titan Auto Body & Auto Repair)、丰盈国际貿易公司(ToYo International Trading INC)、美国阳恒鞋业有限公司(Star Bay Group Inc.)、爱维贷款(Ivy Mortgage)Zoe Su经理、富友餐馆(Hunan Manor)、吉米修车(Jimmies Auto)等。组委会衷心感谢我们的赞助商并希望得到更多商家和个人给与赞助支持! 赞助商家可在节目单中登载广告并获赠演出票,组委会还将登报鸣谢。有意支持的商家敬请与程云楷 (703- 395-1133) 或张斌 (410-294-8637) 接冾。
Colors of the Wind Holiday Gala of Greater Washington DC

时间:  2017年12月16日 (周六)  晚上7时
地点:  River Hill 高中礼堂 (12101 Clarksville Pike, Clarksville, MD 21029)
票价:     $15、$20、$50 (VIP)  ; 团体票(10张以上可得8折优惠)。

购票联系: 王女士: 605-261-6636;曾女士: 443-668-2979;任女士: 410-300-3289;陈女士: 443-538-1396;黄女士: 410-227-5199;玲女士: 202-868-9126;张女士: 301-796-4165;袁先生: 667-216-5898

Draft APFO Amendments for Howard County

These amendments will be voted soon at the Howard County Council. Certain provisions will have a long term effect on how our county will develop in the future and how the school over-crowding issue will be solved.  So you can send your comments to the county council asap at to reach all council members.

2017 Draft APFO amendments

2017 Draft APFO amendments 2

The full document is shared from Stu Kohn at HCCA mailing list. The full document is attached here: 2017 Draft APFO Amendments

I am not sure how each amendment will be voted. It is very interesting or strange that Council District 5 Councilman Greg Fox did not provide any amendment at all.

The People’s Voice President Lisa Markovitz wrote an article on this:

A Bridge to the Future (The Villager 2017-10)

A Bridge to the Future

This article was published in The Villager of River Hill Community Association, October 2017 Issue.

After the first village, Wilde Lake, was built 50 years ago, Columbia has become a very large city with more than 100,000 people, 2000 business and a very vibrant community. The Howard County Citizens Association (HCCA) made a documentary film about the last 50 years and challenged the community to think about how Columbia can continue to be built for a bright future.

To ensure a bright future of Columbia for the next 50 years, we need a planned and visionary development in both education and housing aspects.

First, our educational system must adapt to the changes we anticipate. With fast advancement in automation and artificial intelligence, future life and work will be quite different from today’s. Manual labor and tedious work will be replaced by the computer and robotics. Computer literacy will be a must for many future workers. So, our education system will need to adapt to educate the workforce of the future. We need to ensure our school system is guided by student-focused principles:

  1. motivate all students to achieve their full and diverse potential
  2. expanding learning opportunities to all students by utilizing all available resources

Second, all housing and commercial developments should provide the infrastructure needed to support the uses, especially the need for schools. This can partially be regulated by tightening the Adequate Public Ordinance (APFO) which is currently being debated by the County Council. I testified on behalf of myself at the County Council and made the following points:

Three loopholes should be removed:

  1. Include the high schools in the capacity test. I am not sure why high schools were not included in the test more than 10 years ago.
  2. Remove the waiting time for development. Now, when a development does not pass a capacity test, it will automatically pass after waiting for four years (in reality, three years) without a second test
    . This practice should be abolished.
  3. Include the Medium and Low Income Housing (MLIH) units in the development unit cap. For each new development, it is required that 15% of the units be MLIH. However, this 15% (i.e., around 300 units) is not presently counted in the annual cap of 2000 new residential units.

Two Numbers should be revised:

  1. The school capacity limit should be set at 100%, not 115%.
  2. The developer fee should be raised substantially. For comparable housing units, the developers in Howard County are paying less than 10% of the development fee in Montgomery County. Housing prices in Howard County are not cheaper than those in Montgomery County to justify this huge fee difference.

I support development since only continuous economic, housing and social development and improvement will solve many problems we face today. However, the development should be planned with a long -term vision. Unregulated development will lead to chaos. Tightening APFO now will give our legislators a rare opportunity to address the problems created over the last 15 years.

Some neighborhood news:

County Executive Allan Kittleman proposed a new site for the High School 13 on Landing Road in Elkridge and asked the Howard County Public School System to delay high school redistricting until this high school is built in 2022. Previously the proposed location for High School 13 was on Mission Road in Jessup.

The school redistricting process has created many heated debates, anxiety, and expectations in the county. I encourage everyone to be civil and respect others’ opinions during this difficult time. The superintendent, Dr. Martirano, will provide his final redistricting recommendation to the Board of Education on Oct. 3.

Columbia Association (CA) is developing the FY19 and FY 20 budgets. The CA Board has heard from residents and villages about their funding needs. We will continue work on our budget until early next year.

CA Board Members also looked at the Lakefront Core Design Guidelines during the September board work session and will provide feedback to the Department of Zoning and Planning on the development.

The River Hill Village Board is working with CA and residents to upgrade two existing tot lots to meet residents’ needs. The Village Board will solicit resident feedback on upgrades.

Thanks for reading. I am looking forward to hearing your feedback.

Chao Wu, Ph.D.

River Hill Representative to Columbia Council and Columbia Association Board of Directors

Email: Website:

Disclaimer: This letter only represents Dr. Chao Wu’s personal opinion. It does not represent River Hill Board of Directors nor Columbia Association’s Board.

The picture was taken on 10/1/2017 morning at the Centennial Lake while I joined the Centennial Runner Group for Breast Cancer Awareness fund raising event.