2018 Final HoCo BOE 13 Candidate List

There are 13 Board of Education candidates (We need elect 8 for the primary on Tuesday 6/26/2018 and elect 4 on Tuesday 11/6/2018). School board member has a part time job, but the work is tremendously important to our community. Their work can help us strengthen our school system and guarantee a quality education for all of our children on this county.

I will be your candidate who listens to you, seeks common ground and makes sound and practical judgements.

Here is the list of 2018 HoCo BOE candidates and I will highlight how I know them before.

Candidate Website Background
Chao Wu www.chaowu.org It is me, an engineer and analyst, a Board Member of Columbia Association and River Hill Village Association
Sabina Taj sabinataj.org Adjunct Professor at Howard Community College
Mavourene Robinson none CAC member, used to be River Hill Village Board Member
Saif Reihman www.vote4rehman.com A private business owner
Carleen Pena none CAC member
Anita Pandey www.anitapandeyboe.org Professor from Morgan State University
Robert Miller http://www.miller4boe.org Retired HCPSS teacher, ran BOE in 2016
Jen Mallo votejenmallo.com CAC member. I knew her husband through BOE Operating Budget Review Committee meetings before.
Danny Mackey dannymackey.org HCPSS graduate
Christopher Michael Hilfiger hilfigerforboe.com none
Timothy Hodgson Hamilton hamiltonforboe.com none
Bog Glascock www.bobglascock.org retired HCPSS teacher
Vicky Cutroneo none ran BOE in 2016, current PTAC president

Here CAC stands for Community Advisory Committee for HCPSS. When I wrote the article around 9:30PM tonight, we had only twelve candidates. Now we got the 13th candidate:Vicky Cutroneo.

2017-2018 Report of the Commission on the Future of HCC

It was my great honor to serve on the 2017-2018 Commission on the Future of Howard Community College. I participated in the “Building Global Competence” Task Force. I believe the success of HCC is a success for Howard County.

Here are the recommendations from our task force:

HCC comission on the future p1.JPG

HCC comission on the future p2

HCC comission on the future p3

Here is the link to the whole report: http://www.howardcc.edu/about-us/mission-and-strategic-plan/commission-on-future/documents/January_2018FinalReport.pdf

I am attaching a copy here too: The report of Commission on the Future of HCC 2017-2018



Quick Summary of meeting between BOE and County Council on 2018-1-30

School redistricting, school site selection and JumpStart were discussed among BOE and County Council members.

In my opinion, if the BOE chooses Troy Hill site for High School 13, they should still press for the Mission Road for purchase if that site is a good site. We should plan asap.

Future school redistricting

Renee Kamen(Manager of School Planning)

1) in the process of redistricting analysis and developing it now

2) elementary school 43 will be online in 2023, high school 13 on 2024, no middle school.

3) no large redistricting will happen next year (Dr. Martirano)

4) three board members volunteered to be in the next redistricting committee, Coombs, Small, and (?).

5) redistricting committee composition was discussed

to have representation.

6) how APFO was played in redistricting? (Greg Fox). not discussed at BOE(Marvis)

School site selection

Ball: Turf Valley site, downtown site, troy park, etc. what is going on?

Martirano: February 1st meeting. mission road is potential for High School 13. Troy Hill Park is another option for High School. Hammond High was promised renovation last year and did not happen. He is reviewing CIP. At opening of High School 13, CIP will be reviewed.

2022 deadline for High School 13 is impossible to achieve now, will continue to push for it. 2023 is more realistic.

Coombs: high school 14 is not on the table in six years. Hammond High renovation and High school 13 are in 2023.

Martirano: five year period for new school s.18 month design, 16 month for others 3 years build(Scott). site selection needs at least one year. 2022 could be done if every things is ready, but the window was closed because BOE did not select the site before last December, 2017.

It took the state 120 days to approve the new school plan(Scott).

In the past, development overtook renovation in the school system such that CIP, capital investment project , should be revised.

Martirano: the BOE board will decide Mission road or Troy Hill for High School 13. But he would recommend county purchasing Mission road even Troy Hill is selected for High School 13 because Mission road also has land for a future elementary school.

Ball asked how much needed. Kirsten: Troy Hill is owned by the county, so it is free for site purchase.

Martirano: Troy hill will have no impact on open space.

Kirsten: current CIP for high school is 124 millions.

Karmen: HCPSS has the right to reserve school site up for school years. She failed to reserve one in the past.

Timeline on Turf Valley Elementary School: Community meeting on Feb 1st. The school is scheduled to open in 2027.

Jump Start Program Update:

Total number: 850 applicants ,over 450 from overcrowded schools. Still not final yet.

Utilization rate is discussed extensively.

Martirano: JumpStart will not go to Glenelg High School according to previous fine analysis.

Left at 5:35.

New Issue with HCPSS New High School 13

Update on 3/9/2018: The high school #13 was chosen to be at the Mission Road during 3/8/2018 board meeting.

Last week, the HCPSS board of education has officially rejected two potential sites ( one is near Rockburn Park and the other is near Mission road (with an active quarry there) for consideration of high school 13.  With the current situation, the originally conceived to be opened in 2022 High School 13 seems far from settled.  It seems that it will take much longer to find a suitable site for this school. Unless we select the site, we will not be able to get the Maryland state funding for this construction.

Considering the huge impact generated by last year (2017) HCPSS school redistricting, the high school #13 is at least a consensus for many county residents and politicians. In reality, the site selection should start much earlier before this crisis.

This is actually not the only issue of high school 13. We are facing a problem of long term planning for high schools.  We need an immediate high school 13 to relieve the overcrowding issue in several high schools. We need high school 14 very soon to accommodate our annual student growth ( by 1000 a year at least).

If I am elected as board member this November of 2018, I will keep new school constructions on the board agenda all the time. We need at least focus on the following issues:

  1. Looking at different school models, for example, expanding existing old schools, building larger schools or smaller schools depending on the land purchase situation.
  2. Purchase/reserve future school site(land) now with consideration of population growth. If we only purchase land when needed, the land price will be much higher at the time. With a potential site determined earlier, it will also help guide future county development.

I am looking forward to hearing from you as well.


Pre-Submission Meeting Minutes for Erickson Senior Living at Clarksville

This is the minutes of the first pre-submission meeting for Erickson Senior Living at Clarksville. The development is called Erickson Living at Limestone Valley.

River Hill Village Board has presented our feedback to the Design Advisory Panel too.

I am attaching two documents here for people of interest:

1) Erickson Meeting Minutes 11.8.2017 PSCM Minutes

2) River Hill Village Board Feedback to DAP on Erickson Development

Collusion or honest mistake on APFO

Now many people know that bills passed by the HoCo county council (CB60, CB61, CB62) on Monday night (11/6/2017) are invalid because when the county council voted, the bill already expired.

People are evaluating whether it is a collusion or an honest mistake from our County Council. Maybe you will never know. The fact that developers sitting in the meeting room knew the timeline very well and took pictures of the elapse of the time tell us that it is a collusion. Emails from our elected county council members tell us it was an honest mistake.

However, I wish the county council is able to correct their honest mistake and remember this is their legacy. Legacy is a word of something. When some former county council member talked about APFO and unregulated development in HoCo, it seemed the current over development was totally not her business at all. In fact, she took a lot of political donations from the developers and approved those developments. It was her legacy and she just did not care about it and now she is running for another office in the state.

Get it right, Howard County Council. The overcrowded schools need relief. The quality of life of people does matter. While attending meetings, talking with parents, watching BOE meeting online, I can feel the anxiety from many parents because of this school redistricting. Tightening APFO will help reduce future school overcrowding.  The bill failed unexpectedly this Monday.

I wish in the future, Mr. Frank Hecker will update his book “dividing Howard”. He will take a note on this drama and comment on legacy, controversy, achievement, collusion or corruption on our local elected officials. Otherwise, newcomers to the county do not know the recent history of the county, even the latest 10-year history.

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