2016 Howard Chinese School Graduation

Today I attended 2016 Howard County Chinese School graduation at Marriotts Ridge high school. It took 320 weekends to sit in the classroom and learn something new for these young kids.  It is more than ten years dedication from our kids, while others may play football, or watch movies.

I am so proud of them. I find their Chinese is better than last year’s graduates.  I wish these thirty kids will remember today’s moment, their friends around, and their HoCo Chinese school time. I believe their perseverance learned during the years will be part of their life for future success.



I also helped to count the ballot for the board of director election. I am so excited that we have so many candidates who are willing to serve our community.

My daughter graduated from the kindergarten and will go into first year soon. I took a semester’s Yoga class which really helped me to reduce my back pain.

My first 2016 5K run

After I joined the Howard County Runner group, I have always been motivated to keep my self fit and healthy. This Saturday’s Maryland Half Marathon at Maple Lawn was both a fundraiser event and my first major run. My time is 31 minutes 21 seconds.

By running with a group of people, we build a small dedicated community. We are running for fun, for healthy body and for energetic mind. It is not how fast we run. It is how much we enjoy overcoming difficulty and moving forward.



2016 CAPA first voter registration drive

In my one-hour time slot, we registered five new voters.

We are hoping we will have a stronger voice in our local elections. CAPA will provide a platform for our parents to voice their opinions in this Board of Education election.

If we want change, let’s start with ourselves. If we believe in something, let’s act on it. Don’t rely on others’ good will or wait for your turn. As our logo says “Informed, involved and empowered”, we just need push ourselves to the negotiation table of election.

Votes and get out to vote. That really matters. To vote in a group can amplify our voice greatly.

We are going to expand our efforts to four Chinese language schools, grocery stores, and other facilities for the coming months before the primary election.

How do you like our poster?


2016 Voter Registration Training

I attended the Howard County Voter Registration Training this weekend. We have around 25 volunteers attending the training. We are hoping to improve the Asian American voter registration rate.

  1. It is very simple to register as a voter online if you have Maryland Driver License.
  2. Otherwise, it takes less than three minutes to finish the register form.



Online registration:


It takes less than three minutes.

2016 Registration deadline:

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

New for 2016: Same Day Voter Registration ( advise you should register earlier)

Maryland will be implementing “Same Day Voter Registration” during early voting for the 2016 Presidential Primary and General elections. More information will be posted when it becomes available.

You may register to vote any time voter registration is open. Registration closes beginning at 9:00 pm on the 21st day preceding an election and remains closed until the 11th day after the election.

Generally, any voter registration application received when registration is closed will be held by the election office and processed when registration re-opens. Your registration will not become effective and you will not be eligible to vote until registration re-opens and you have received your Voter Notification Card (VNC).

Once registered,  good for all

As long as you remain a resident of the county and keep your address current with the election office, your voter registration in Maryland is permanent.

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