Hands-on Online Voter Registration/Change

Note: if you register as Independent/Unaffiliated, you could only vote in the BOE race. If you want to influence Democrat or Republican parties, you need to register in that party to vote in their primaries. In majority of races, primary election will determine the general election result. If you want to support me (a moderate democrat), please register as Democrat. You could always change your party affiliation any time in the future.

If you have not registered to vote, please register. If you may travel during the summer, please request a mail-in ballot. The whole registration or requesting process takes less than a minute.

Voter Status Search

  1. https://voterservices.elections.maryland.gov/VoterSearch

Online Voter Registration or Change ( You need have Maryland Driver License)

  1. https://voterservices.elections.maryland.gov/onlinevoterregistration/InstructionsStep1
  2. Change your party during the process
  3. Ask for mail-in ballot (one time or forever)

Request a mail-in (absentee ballot) (You need Maryland Driver License)

  1. https://voterservices.elections.maryland.gov/OnlineMailinRequest/InstructionsStep1
  2. The same link as above
  3. Ask for mail-in ballot (one time or forever)