HS 13 has an official name Guilford Park High School

Finally, HS 13 has an official name: Guilford Park High School. During the last four years on the school board, we had many discussions about the school, from construction to redistricting. The board even had a tour in the middle of last year.

I am very glad to see the opening of Guilford Park High School this fall, and appreciate the support from many stakeholders. Sometimes, we don’t see from the same perspective and disagree. But eventually we do see a new high school for our high students.

I believe this school will provide excellent education for our students and it will create a new and dynamic school community here.

HCPSS Redistricting: Scenario 5

During our last work session, the board voted to examine another scenario created by (North Elkridge) Community Members,  mainly drafted by Drew Roth and Becki Vivrette.

Here is the OSP analysis on the scenario (Scenario 5). Write to BOE at boe@hcpss.org with your feedback.

Polygons will be impacted (around 800 more students will be impacted compared with the preliminary board plan ):

The whole analysis is here:

Here is the board preliminary plan:

V4: 2022 HCPSS redistricting work session 4 recap

The board has a discussion on the four scenarios as shown in Four scenarios for HCPSS redistricting HS 13 | Dr. Chao Wu.

The board had a lengthy discussion on all scenarios.

The board will consider the superintendent’s proposal with some modification: 2022-2023 superintendent redistricting proposal | Dr. Chao Wu

The board moved unanimously with the superintendent’s proposal with addition of Work Session-Scenario 2 (changing students between Patuxent Valley MS and Thomas Viaduct MS)

V3: 2022 HCPSS redistricting work session 3 recap

Discussion 9th grader only HS 13

New Motion

  1. Move to create a modification to the Contiguous HS 13 Plan with the western limit of Interstate 95. For the Polygons reassigned from Reservoir HS to Hammond HS in the Contiguous HS 13 Plan, reassign all or a portion of them to HS 13, when feasible. For the Polygons reassigned from Atholton HS to Hammond HS in the Contiguous HS 13 Plan, replace them by Polygon 2010.  
  2. Move to request information in regards for moving 26, 27, 1026, 1027 from Thomas Viaduct MS to Patuxent Valley MS, information on capacity utilization, capacity utilization projections, walk zone and middle from elementary feeds.
  3. Move to request information from staff on the community generated redistricting plan, version 2.
  4. Move to gather more information about keeping Mayfield Woods MS as a full feed at Long Reach HS moving Rockburn area of Elkridge to Howard HS and moving 175 to 100 along Route 1 to Oakland Mills HS with the baseline plan being the community generated plan, version 2.

The following is the Community Generated Redistricting Plan, Version 2.

The following is recap from work session 2 for reference.

2022-2023 superintendent redistricting proposal

Here is the superintendent’s proposal for 2022-2023 HCPSS redistricting in order to open the new High School 13 in the fall 2023. It will impact Oakland Mills Middle and High Schools, Hammond HS, Howard HS and Long Reach HS, Mt. Hebron HS and Reservoir HS.

Here is a link to find your polygon number. https://chaowu.org/2017/06/24/how-to-find-hcpss-school-polygon-map-number/

Updated HCPSS FY 2023-2032 Long Range Master Capital Plan

Updated HCPSS FY 2023-2032 Long Range Master Capital Plan

We will have three capital projects finished in FY 2023(Talbott Springs ES, HS 13 (Jessup High School), Hammond HS renovation).

Then we will have Dunloggin MS, new ES 43, Oakland Mills MS and Oakland Mills HS, Centennial HS in the pipelines. After that, we will have ES44, HS 14, Patapsco MS and Jeffers Hill ES.

What we need to do now is to ask the County to fund these projects. For all the projects, we need the county to commit the funding, then the state matching funding will come it.