Columbia Flier Subscribe Issue

Recently, people asked me about the Columbia Flier’s subscription letter. I had to tell them that the subscription was not mandatory and most people do not read the fine print, anyway.

So you can just ignore those letters.

From Columbia Flier website:

The well-educated residents of Columbia have enjoyed the news coverage of the Columbia Flier for more than 40 years. Publishing every Thursday, the Flier covers diverse neighborhoods across the town, delivering 37,887 copies every week.

Columbia Flier Stats:

  • 65% own their homes
  • 81% have attended college
  • 54% are married
  • 30% have children under 18 years old
  • 48% male, 52% female
  • Median age is 39
  • 47% have $100,000+ HHI
  • Median HHI $94,606

Circulation: 37,887

Source: CAC, 9/30/14