Clarksville Post Office Reopen Update

Talking points tonight are:
1: USPS will build a new post office in Clarksville. The project is approved already. There will be 30 days appealing time and move forward for a solution, i.e, look for a location.

2: a place with 5000 square feet, 40 parking lots, full operation , not just a small counter.

3: the old post office location,3000 square feet, is too small.

4: site review committee to make recommendation.

5: luck stone site was discussed.

6: probably the new post office will be operational in one year.

Please share your thoughts with Richard Hancok, Real Estate Specialist for USPS at: United States Postal Service, Facilities Service Office, P.O. Box 27497, Greensboro, NC 27498-1103; Written testimony will be accepted until Tuesday, March 1.