Those Columbia Downtown 5500 housing units

Just read the discussion at HCCA listserver. 5500 housing units were expanded to 6500. Just one simple math, that will give Columbia another 6500*4=26,000 more people.

  1. Assuming 10% of families, each has two school-age kids, that will lead to 1300 students. For CES, we have around 500 elementary school kids. So 1300 kids, in case all go to elementary school, there is going to have two new schools.
  2. 26,000 people will add to 100,000 for Columbia. This will change the politics in the county. Columbia will have larger weight in the voting. Probably it aligns more with the democratic party.
  3. I am wondering whether Columbia Association will get more annual charge or not.  The location should belong to Town Center Village.