CA board meeting summary 2017-3-23

Resident speakout

Ms. Jing Tian, president of Howard Badminton Club, requested for some Adult Court time at Columbia Gym.

Dave Li, asked for badminton time use at Columbia Gym.

Chris Alleva, talking about problems with the zoning regulation, ZRA-177. It is too open-ended. We still work hard to continue to be a planned community.

Brian England, traffic problem at the intersection of Minstrel way and Snowden River Parkway, nobody enforced the sign law. DPZ now looks like facilitator of development, not regulator any more. Most related to Guilford Industrial Park.

George, covenant enforcement problem with oakland ridge.

JD Smith, on behalf of Howard County Citizen Association, HCCS is producing a Columbia 50th Anniversary Documentary Film to celebrate Columbia’s history. Mr. Krantz in 1987 produced a 27-minute document for the 20th anniversary at Their website is

Richard Krantz, fair and balanced report for the 50th documentary.  The 20th anniversary documentary is heavily used by CA. Their crowdfunding will start soon at

President Report highlight

Matthew Zao, a member of the Columbia Clippers, has been named to the 2017 USA Deaflympics Team. He will compete in the Deaflympics games in Turkey in July.

County Land Development Regulations Assessment Process

Valdis Lazdins(speaker), Director and Amy Gowan, Deputy Director from the Howard County Department of Planning and Zoning will speak to the Board about the county’s initiative to undertake a comprehensive review and assessment of the county’s land development.regulations.

Phase I– Development Regulation Assessment

  1. Clarion Associates will be the consultant firm.
  2. HowardCounty2030 vision is still there.
  3. Project kickoff, stakeholder and community meetings March 28-30, 2017. First one at HCC on March 28, Second one at Route 1 area, third one in western Howard County.
  4. Public draft public meetings, Winter 2018

2017 DPZ meeting schedule

Phase II — Drafting of new development regulations

The board approved the audit company.

The board approved the continuation of Minority, women owned and disabled owned business policy. 

The board talks about Strategic issue ideas for Columbia Association.  Here are some ideas:

1. Attract and retain young adults (18 to 30) to CA’s sports facilities and programs. (similar to #2)

2. Need to reach, attract, and engage young people, particularly in the teen and college age brackets, with our facilities, programs, and services. (similar to #1)

3. Continue to enhance CA’s influence in the planning and development of Columbia

4. Enhance CA’s role in commercial covenants (similar to #5 )

5. Involvement in redoing the Columbia commercial covenants. (similar to #4)

6. Downtown Columbia a. Updates on how downtown is progressing with completion of square footage. b. When we will see some affordable housing in place? c. Continued engagement in the Columbia Downtown redevelopment. d. What influence do we have on HHC as they develop plans for the Lakefront district? Important since the Lakefront has been a symbolic center of Columbia and, with issues such as the Veterans’ Memorial, it would be good to have a plan. e. Will CA want to extend electricity to the other side of the lake? f. Do we see the lakefront as the continuing community gathering place, or will that function go toward Symphony Woods as the Crescent develops? g. What type of housing will be built?

7. Continue focus on updating our village centers. Oakland Mills and Long Reach should continue to have priority.

8. CA Advisory Committees – need to find a way to incorporate them onto Board agendas, have more outreach; have Board members visit annually.

9. CA needs to decide how it will continue to aid in developing Symphony Woods.

10. Would like information on how the facility updates are going.

11. With schools starting later this year (post Labor Day), try to keep more outdoor pools open through August.