2017 HCPSS Redistricting for Elementary Schools

The following elementary schools are proposed for redistricting. Note this is not final. The pictures were snipped from 2016 Feasibility Study by HCPSS and it subtitle is “An Annual Review of Long-Term Capital Planning and Redistricting Options”




The document is attached for your study.


6 thoughts on “2017 HCPSS Redistricting for Elementary Schools

  1. Lisa M says:

    What has happened at the High School level. There was talk of a new HS off Rt1 (Mission Rd area) and then I heard that they were going to use the site for a combo ES/MS. No new HS anytime soon?

  2. Doug Kornreich says:

    Your portrayal of the suggestions in the 2016 Feasibility Study are misleading for a couple of reasons. First, these were possible suggestions by Joel Gallihue who is no longer with the County, having moved on to Montgomery County. These have not even been presented to the Board as recommendations for action. Second, the filling ES #42 was proposed to happen in 2017. The “Interim Columbia West” was proposed to happen in 2018, not 2017. The “Northern and Western” strategy was suggested as one of multiple options without a recommended date. Once redistricting is discussed at the Attendance Area Adjustment committee, anything is possible, but to make it sound like these are firm proposals under consideration is a bit misleading.

    • Joel Gallihue says:

      Mr. Kornreich,
      The 2016 Feasibility Study was a staff report presented to the Board of Education. You can’t portray staff reports as one person’s opinion because they are official documents of the organization. I think it is fair rhetoric to call it preliminary or dated. Singling someone out doesn’t seem to add anything positive to the argument IMHO.


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