14 Criteria for HCPSS redistricting

In the HCPSS Policy 6010 document, there are 13 specific criteria (or factors) for how to apply the school redistricting policy. The 14th criterion is a vague one : “Other reliable demographic indicators, when applicable”. Let’s recap those 14 criteria for our audiences.

Category 1: Facility Utilization (5 Criteria)

1: Efficient use of available space (utilization rate between 90% and 100%)

2: Long-range enrollment, capital plans and capacity needs

3: Fiscal responsibility by minimizing capital and operating costs.

4: The number of students that walk or receive bus service, the distance and time bused student travel.

5: Location of regional programs, maintaining an equitable distribution of programs across the county.

Category 2: Community Stability (3 Criteria)

6: Feeds that encourage keeping students together from one school to the next. For example, avoiding feeds of less than 15% at the receiving school.

7: Areas that are made up of contiguous communities or neighborhoods.

8: Frequency with which any one student is reassigned, making every attempt to not move a student more than once at any school level, or the same student more frequently than once every five years.

Category 3: Demographic Characteristics of Student Population (6 Criteria)

9: The racial/ethnic composition of the student population

10: the socioeconomic composition of the school population ( measured by FARM student ratio)

11: Academic performance ( by current standardized testing result in English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics)

12: The level of English learners( ESOL, English for Speakers of Other Languages)

13: Numbers of students moved, taking into account of the correlation between the number of student moved, the outcomes of other standards achieved in Section IV.B and the length of time those results are expected to be maintained.

14: Other reliable demographic indicators, when applicable.

Some Exceptions:

  1. The Board may consider exemptions for rising fifth, eighth, and eleventh grade students to continue attending schools in an area that is proposed for attendance area adjustments.
  2. Attendance area adjustments will not affect rising twelfth grade students.

Some thoughts:

  1. A quick look, Criterion 13 and Criterion 14 should not be categorized into Category 3. These two should be the criteria above all other 12 criteria.
  2. Criterion 14 should be removed from the list since it is so vague. If we could not even name those reliable demographic indicators clearly, we just should not put it there.
  3. Criterion 1 : the 90% to 100% utilization rate is great.
  4. Criterion 4 should include transportation cost.