Future Lakefront of Columbia Downtown

How do you like it? This is an artistic rendering.

Future lakefront

It looks quite different from what I wrote several months ago and I have the feeling that all the open spaces are pushed into the Lake Kittamaqundi). CA board will have another update later this year on this topic. I am looking forward to hearing your feedback.


5 thoughts on “Future Lakefront of Columbia Downtown

  1. Stephanie says:

    Kawaii Hawaii here I come the island the Garden Island plenty of open space and believe it or not now the rents there are cheaper than Columbia and it is considered underdeveloped compared to Columbia now Kawaii is the best place in the United States to live Columbia at the moment the second best I hope it doesn’t drop

  2. Michele says:

    This is horrible. No more quant Columbia. Corporate American greed. Poor Mr. Rouse would not have let all this construction take over!

  3. chris says:

    I’m so glad I moved before the buildings went up, the camera lights went up and parking garage went up. Who turned a nice peaceful community into a future Baltimore City…………..
    over crowded and policed.

  4. Linda Wengel says:

    Thank you Chao for publicizing this. It is important for Columbians to be informed about the plan and hopefully let the Howard HughesCo. And the Planning Board know how they feel about it.

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