HCPSS School Recovery Plan for Fall 2020

There are many unknown factors and the school system is working to have a plan. Here are some concerns I shared with the staff.


  1. If some parents feel it is not safe to send kids to school, will going to school be optional or not? Then how to manage the classroom?
  2. How to mitigate safety concerns from teachers and staff too? If the teacher does not want to go to teach in the classroom, how do we handle that? 
  3. How will the before-care and after-care handle the situation?


  1. learn new knowledge (not just drill)
  2. more check-ins,
  3. online interactive teaching
  4. mental health of our students, online bullying(chat ,etc)

Curriculum design

  1. We need to pull some teachers, working together with the central office, having a relatively structured instruction. Instead we push those tasks to individual teachers to search for instruction video on youtube.
  2. If we are not able to provide those videos, are we able to identify from some free, open source video contents, for example, Khan Academy to have a list of videos?
  3. This way, we can relieve the burden from individual teacher, and make it easier for both teachers, students and parents.

Here is the PowerPoint slide.

The plan is actively under development and will change over the time.