Picnic with Chao Wu on 5/19/2018

Dr. Chao Wu, 2018 Howard County School Board Candidate is cordially inviting you to join a picnic fundraising party where he will share his perspective and vision for our school system.

Time: 4:30PM to 8:00PM, Saturday, 05/19/2018

Location: Cedar Lane Pavilion East

Address: 10745 RT108, Columbia,MD, 21044

Ticket: $25 per person. Free for children under 12. Please pay at http://www.chaowu.org/donate

Food, drink and fun!!!

By Authority of Chao Wu, Treasurer: Ying Wang

Carry the torch and move forward

Part of my speech at 4/7/2018 African American Coalition and Delta Sigma Theta Soroity BOE Candidate Forum:

When I grew up, Dr. Martin Luther King’s speech “I have a dream” was one of the few English articles I was asked to recite. I really like it and he motivated and changed this county.

If it were not for Dr. King and the civil rights movement, I would not even be here, let alone running for BOE.

Civil rights movement never ends until everyone has the opportunity to succeed. Education is one of the key parts of this movement and this dream. We must provide equitable learning opportunities for each student. We must also encourage our students to overcome all difficulties and pursue their dream.


Quick Summary of PTA meeting with County Executive Allan Kittleman

Quick summary of the questions for county executive Alan Kittleman from PTA delegates (or audiences) Monday night(4/9/2018) at Homewood center:

1) Talbott Springs elementary school changed from replacement to renovation due to state cutting the funding for the replacement. Wish the state will reverse the decision.

2) Cost of High School #13.

3) Health fund issue.

4) Why we, the second wealthy county, could not pay the capital budgets for new schools?

5) safety in school. Why put more beat cops in school?

6) Talbott Springs elementary school problem, portable classrooms

7) some community of people of color are afraid of cops. Police Department works with immigrant community and makes sure they have a voice (FIRN) and increase engagement with them.

8) lack of communication/cooperation between different agencies.

9) how community can intervene with the (over) development?
Elect people(especially county council, who controls the DPZ and laws) who agree with you.

10) school staff question

11) patrol officers are given special training.

12) zoning problem, planing board problem.

13) high school # 13 selection issue

14) transfer tax increase question. asking growing rental community bear the burden with the capital budget

15) relationship between special needs student and the police department

16) redistricting pain. Besides the transfer tax fee increase and raising developer fee(comment: which is not happening now), what else the county/community can do?

17) the state legislature changed the structure of Board of Public Works. How will than impact our school funding?

HCPSS Equitable and Effective Discipline Forum

I joined many community members in this forum and listened to Dr. Gina Massella’s presentation this morning at Long Reach High School at 8:30.

In my table, we had a NAACP of HoCo member, a LRHS student council student, Barb Krupiarz from HCPSS Special Education Advisory Committee and an HCPSS teacher(facilitator). I learned a lot and we should improve the situation asap.

We have a lot to do. In one way, we should not be afraid of discipling students because we want to have our numbers look good. But most important, we should address the discipline problem with students, staff and parents to help our students grow and succeed. Out-of-school discipline is especially not good to the students and should be minimized. The process probably will not finish in a day, but I am confident we can achieve that. And we should have the urgency to fix it too.

Attached are some figures.

CA board working meeting summary 2017-9-14

Resident speakout:

Several people talked about concerns related Lakefront Core Neighborhood Design. Joel Hurewitz proposed to put a library in front of the Lakefront. I really love this idea.

Budget inputs:

  1. Town Center Community Association proposed to build a playground in the Symphony Wood. CA has never provided any play areas for the Warfield neighborhood, which within a year will be adding an additional 650 units to the already existing 795 units at the Metropolitan. The Downtown Plan does not provide land for a playground except for the Promenade in front of the Metropolitan. The Town Center Community Association also requests that CA work with the Inner Arbor Trust to expedite the completion of a pathway to make Merriweather park at Symphony Woods accessible and user friendly asap. Further, tomorrow ( 9/16) 11:00-3:00PM, Wilde Lake Old-Fashioned Family Pinic welcomes you.
  2. Wilde Lake Community Association has a list of projects needing CA support.
  3. Oakland Mills Community Association also submitted their budget request. They wish the proposed neighborhood sign across CA will finish in 3 years, not in 10 years. I totally agree with them.
  4. Columbia Housing Center is requesting 200,000 for two years (total 400k. Their proposed annual budget is 600k) to promote integrated racial families move to Columbia. This is following 40 year Oak Park Regional Housing Center model outside of Chicago. They are actively looking for funding.

Board Discussion

The board discussed concerns with the Lakefront Core Neighborhood Design.