Start School Late first forum tonight

took my three years old to Marriots Ridge School and joined the Start School Late forum. Please see the votes on the wall. I really wish they present a model such that all schools start after 8:30. Then all sides will be satisfied. Glad to see Robert Miller and Christina Delmont-Small there too. “Keeping current model” gets most votes. Around 100 parents joined it.

I always advocate for later High School Start Time. Whenever I meet a school staff or BOE board members, I talk about this. However, the current four models have the problem: let the most vulnerable kids’ parent fighting with other vulnerable kid’s parents.

  1. How about have a baseline for any future models No school start before 8:30?
  2. How about just moving high school late by not touching elementary school student?
  3. How about HCPSS building up and running their own school bus? For example, starting 10 buses per year, in 10 years, we will have a fleet.  We just need this kind of long term vision to tackle this issue.

One thought on “Start School Late first forum tonight

  1. Lisa B says:

    How about having schools that share a campus or in close proximity, share the same bus route? There are many different ways to deal with it but I like the “everybody starts at 8:30” model. I know they talk about how much it would cost for buses, but there is a lot of fat that can be cut at the BoEd that can pay for the bus service issues. I mean, school is supposed to be about the kids and their well being?

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