2018 BOE All Candidate Questionnaire and Answers (first round)

Thanks to Scott Ewart, here is the summary of all responses (One candidate did not respond):


I am looking forward to hearing your feedback on each candidate’s position, what is their main focus and main policy direction. Bear with me, I know some of responses are really really long. 🙂

Meet your candidate twice in February

I am inviting you to meet your HoCo BOE candidate Chao Wu at the following two events:

First One:

Time: Monday 7:00-9:00PM, February -19- 2018

Location: The Marchand Room of Kahler Hall, Village of Harpers’ Choice

Address: 5440 Old Tucker Row, Columbia, MD, 21044

Pizza and drinks will be provided. Kids are welcome.

Second One:

Time: 7:00PM-9:00PM, Wednesday, Februrary-21-2018

Location: The Jeffers Hill Neighborhood Center, Village of Long Reach

Address: 6030 Tamar Dr, Columbia, MD 21045

Pizza and drinks will be provided. Kids are welcome.


Our first campaign finance report is out

I am so grateful for the vast support from the community. Until 1/10/2018, I received 144 donations, total of $11,267. The maximum donation is $500 and the minimum is $10. The average donation is $78 and the median donation is $50.

Thank you so much for all of your support and trust in my campaign. I believe I will make a great BOE board member with my three main focuses:

  1. Building Trust with a Collaborative and Open Mindset
  2. Providing Equitable Learning Opportunities for All by Informing and Empowering Students, Parents and Families
  3. Motivating Students to Achieve Their Success

For details, please look at my platform www.chaowu.org/issues/

For donations, please visit www.chaowu.org/donate





2013年11月20日,从此改变了我在北美的生活。全美二十多个城市共同抗议ABC电视台Jimmy Kimmel节目中的“杀死所有华人来还债”的言论。作为一个普通居民,我带着三岁多的女儿去美国首都华盛顿街头参加了抗议活动。然而,基本没有媒体报道这个抗议活动。我想,难道华人都是待宰的羔羊?同时看到少得可怜的华人二代参与抗议活动,我感到我一定要做点什么。


2015年4月,我平生第一次参加了我们社区选举,抱着一岁多的儿子挨家挨户的争取选票。之后我荣幸当选Columbia Association(CA)的Council Representative and Board of Director。CA覆盖大约十万居民,每年财政预算大约七千万。由于我的加入,使得我们当地居民更加了解社区的发展动态。同时我也带头启动了江苏溧阳友好城市的项目,希望人与人的交流促进中美的友谊。当年九月份,我又和哈维郡其他几位父母们成立了哈维郡华裔父母联合会。我们只是期望能够公平的被对待,所以继续推动农历新年加入到公立学校日历。我们举办青少年领袖俱乐部培训,希望通过类似的项目,让我们的孩子为自己自豪和自信。我们带头参加,同时鼓励华裔家长多参加学校和社区的会议,发出自己的声音。


2017年9月9日,我开始了人生的新的挑战 我要竞选2018马里兰哈维郡的Board of Education。以前从来没有第一代移民成功过,第一代华人就更少了。我们大部分华人,努力工作,正常缴税,认真养孩子,安安静静的过日子,不惹事,多躲着,与世无争。同时我们拼命努力让孩子学习再学习,各种课外活动满满的。我们特别重视孩子的教育,省吃俭用,各种学习班却舍得花钱;希望他们考上一个好大学,从此幸福一生一世。




参与社会,发出声音。捐钱,投票,是美国社会的一种常态。作为后来者,我们更应该加入这种常态,发热发光,照亮我们后代的前程。我们要以理直气壮的心态,参与这个社会,推动有利于我们的变革。只有当哪一天,“Kill all Chinese to pay US debt”的言论不被言论自由庇护,而是受到一致谴责的时候,我们才能够稍微歇一口气。

希望我们携手,共同开创未来。我是你们的声音,你们是我的力量。请支持我2018年Howard County Board of Education的竞选。敬请登陆我的竞选网站 www.chaowu.org,和捐款网页 www.chaowu.org/donate,你的每一条建议,每一分捐款和每一张选票,都将有力的助我把平等,自由,博爱的信念,散播到公共事务中去。

Picture was taken by Singtao Daily reporter Mr. Bin Li. Speaking at a drama at HCC. 在Howard Community College“爬藤”话剧之后的讲话。

HCPSS new high school #13

Update on 3/9/2018: The high school #13 was chosen to be at the Mission Road during 3/8/2018 board meeting.

Just announced by County Executive Allan Kittleman as following:

After working closely with Dr. Martirano and Howard County Public School System leadership, I am pleased to announce that to accelerate the construction of the High School #13 (HS#13), I will be including funding in my FY 2019 capital budget to enable HS#13 to be opened by Fall of 2022. Originally scheduled for completion in 2024, this funding would expedite the opening by two years. This was announced by Dr. Martirano to the Board of Education (BOE) at their meeting this afternoon. Dr. Martirano also indicated to the BOE that he is actively exploring an alternative site for HS#13 near Landing Road in Elkridge, in addition to the Mission Road location in Jessup. It is important to note that a final decision on the site is expected by the end of this calendar year.

I am pleased that Dr. Martirano acknowledged the impact of these changes on redistricting. As he noted in his proposed capital budget letter: “The recommended budget, in conjunction with a multi-year boundary adjustment plan, will level capacity utilization among schools while avoiding the disruption of a broad-scale boundary line adjustment.” The Attendance Area Committee’s work is underway and the next step in the process is for Dr. Martirano to provide his recommendation to the BOE on October 3. It is my hope, and I’ve shared this with Dr. Martirano, that HCPSS will now delay any immediate high school redistricting until the new high school opens in 2022.

I would like to express my appreciation for the feedback we have received from the community – it is truly invaluable. I will continue to work with Dr. Martirano and HCPSS leadership to ensure that we find creative solutions that are fiscally responsible, but also relieve overcrowding, while at the same time minimizing the impact to our communities.