Board meeting recap 2022-4-28

Public forum:

  • topics: SRO, student safety, special education

Reservoir High School Report

SMOB report

  • student leader meeting with the board ( three students from each school, ARL and Homewood)

Superintendent Report

  • Howard High is a new green school.
  • HCPSS is increasing mental health support for our students.
  • Covid data: uptick cases in schools, HoCo county and Maryland. Keep the current school operating practice.
  • Stabbing incident at Long Reach High School. Schools went into lockdown and modified lockdowns.

HCEA Appointment

HCASA(Association of Supervisors and Administrators)

Proclamation: Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month 

Proclamation: Mental Health Awareness Month

HCPSS is going to implement multi-factor authentication very soon as the board just approved the MFA purchase order.

HCPSS Discipline Data (school suspension)

FY 2023 Operating and Capital Budgets & FY 2024-28 Capital Improvement Program 

For scenario 2, we assume the county will give us extra money by keeping(not decreasing) the HCPSS spending percentage(51%) in the total county spending, which is 14.5 million dollars. This now falls to the county council’s hand.

Montgomery County Meet and Greet with Dr. Chao Wu, 2022 MD State Delegate 9A Candidate

Montgomery County Meet and Greet with Dr. Chao Wu, 2022 MD State Delegate 9A Candidate

The new 9A State Delegate District covers part of Clarksburg and Damascus of Montgomery County. This is a perfect opportunity to meet your state delegate candidate.

Time: Sunday 6-8PM, May 1st, 2021

Location: Wilson Wims Elementary School, 12520 Blue Sky Dr, Clarksburg, MD 20871

Free to attend and food is provided.

Meet and Greet with Dr. Chao Wu, 2022 MD State Delegate Candidate

Meet and Greet with Dr. Chao Wu, 2022 MD State Delegate Candidate

Time: SATURDAY AT 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM, 4/23/2022

Location: 10745 MD-108, Columbia, MD 21044-1015, United States, Cedar Lane Park East Pavilion

Spend a sunny spring afternoon at Cedar Lane Park Pavilion East with Dr. Chao Wu, 2022 Maryland State Delegate Candidate, and enjoy Chinese cuisine.

Free to attend. Donations are appreciated at 

May be an image of ‎1 person and ‎text that says '‎Meet & Greet with Dr. Chao Wu When: 3:30~5:30PM April 23rd, 2022 Where: Cedar Lane Park Pavilion East 10745 MD-108. Columbia, MD21044 Spend a sunny spring afternóon with 2022 State Delegate Candidate Dr. Chao Wu and enjoy Chinese cuisine. Dr. Wu would like to hear your concerns and share his visions for Maryland for this campaign. Scan QR code to register. Chao Wu ه pecial thanks Zen Garden Dr. Chao Wu 2022 Candidate for Maryland State Delegate Authority: Friends to Elect Chao Wu:Xia Chen, Treasurer‎'‎‎

Board meeting recap 2022-4-7

Friends of Education Award

  • Awardee: Ying Matties
  • Nomination: Amanda Wang, Okinawan Karate Dojo, EnRich Minds

Long Reach High School Presentation

Superintendent Report

  • HCPSS is giving out covid test kids to students. HCPSS is encouraging students to test themselves after the spring break.
  • screen time and school lunch discussions

HCEA appointment

Legislative Report

  • The board support: CB26-2022, introduced by the Howard County Council Member Walsh during their April 2022, Legislative Session is presented to the Board of Education of Howard County in the attached Legislative Report. The Legislative Committee met on March 30, 2022, and recommends that the Board adopt the position indicated in the attached. Original language for the bill is also attached to this report.


  • The board nominated Ms. Mosley to the MABE Board of Directors.

Policy Activities

  • Direct the Superintendent to review the policies that address screen time.

HCPSS Musgrove Farms Community Shared Septic System

  • The Board is requested to approve the Option 1 Fee Structure so that the accounting department may implement the fee structure for billing and receivable activities to commence for FY2022 (and beyond).


  1. (Approved) Policy 9090 Wellness through Nutrition and Physical Activity
  2. (Approved) Policy 9100 Education Programs for Pregnant and Parenting Students
  3. (Report) Policy 6060 Community Improvement to School Sites or School Facilities
  4. (Report) Policy 4050 Procurement of Goods and/or Services

Proposed Instructional Materials and Review Schedule

Final Exam

  • Some board members proposed cancelling the final exam again. Motioned made and failed.

Pledge to No Developer Money

Many residents know that in Howard County, developers have a controlling influence in local politics, especially campaign donations and housing development, so there is now a “No Developer Money” movement. Here is a national developer with a local branch, boasting their influence in their shareholder meeting “control cities and monopoly-like control“.

I have been using data and voice to explain the correlation between overdevelopment and school overcrowding on the school board. Here is my pledge:

I pledge not to take developers’ campaign donation. Our campaign should be Of the People, By the People, For the People. The same for our government and legislatures. #wu4delegate

Maryland 2022-3 Poll from Goucher College

The Goucher College Poll measures the opinions of Maryland residents and voters on important policy, social, and economic issues.  The poll results and a methodology statement are released to members of the media and other interested groups as a public service to the state. Goucher students help research survey questions, design the questionnaire, and analyze the results.

  • Maryland residents feel impact of price increases, a majority hold a positive view of the state economy; Residents divided over how state should spend the budget surplus, view crime and public safety as the top priority; Hogan remains popular, opinions divided on Biden; Residents support the legalization of recreational cannabis
  • Marylanders support local jurisdictions ending mandates and restrictions, give their local health departments and Gov. Hogan high marks on handling of the pandemic; Concern over contracting COVID-19 in decline; Residents see the most significant impacts of climate change on sea level, wildlife and ecosystems, and weather patterns in Maryland

Board meeting recap 2022-3-24

Public forum:

Musgrove Farm HOA shared septic cost


Glenelg High School:

Two candidates for SMOB election: Oliver Song and Abisola Ayoola from Wilde Lake High School

Superintendent Report:

  • For Unvaccinated Staff and Volunteers, they will no longer be required to provide proof of vaccination or undergo weekly testing. •Additionally, we announced that school visitors and volunteers will no longer be required to provide proof of vaccination before entering the school building.
  • The quarantine policy keeps the same.

Dr. Martirano will provide guidance on how to reduce screen time shortly.

Howard County Association of Supervisors and Administrators (HCASA)

Portable class room update

Approve the recommendations for installation of relocatable units for the school year 2022–2023. In total, there are 212 units, 255 class room spaces and 7650 seats for the portables.

Blueprint Local Flexibility – Low Performing Schools 

  • The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future requires the annual identification of schools with low performance to initiate $7,000 incentive pay for Nationally Board Certified (NBC) teachers at those schools. Schools selected would be designated as low performing for the 2022-2023 school year.
  • Elementary School: Cradlerock, Swansfield, Middle School: Harper’s Choice, Lake Elkhorn, Oakland Mills, Wild Lake, High School: Oakland Mils, and Homewood Center.

School Start Times Format/Template (Brian Nevin; Tom Platt, Decision Support Group LLC) – REPORT

Proposed Instructional Materials and Review Schedule

Result from 2022 internal audit of COVID-19 relief fund’s usage

With such a big chunk of new money coming into the school system and to be used in a fixed time frame, we want to make sure HCPSS is using the money correctly. So we had an internal audit.

Summary: HCPSS has clearly defined planning and budgeting, accounting and reporting, and auditing processes for the use of relief funds. HCPSS recognizes the risk on operations when relief funds expire and is planning to use them in a manner which reduces or eliminates the risk to the extent practicable.

Polygon numbers for the HS 13 impact area

A few people approached me with questions for the presentation on HS 13 impact areas by our consultant during the HS 13 redistricting community meetings. Here is my 2019 post on this topic. You will find the polygon numbers and other relevant info.

Superintendent’s proposal for High School 13 boundary

A side note: Readers should not use that map as reference since that map was presented before the last redistricting. Many things has changed. It is unfortunate they used that map for illustration which causes confusion.

The latest redistricting information could be found out:

Here is the link to find your own polygon:

Opportunity for Juniors to attend US Service Academy

Dear Education Leader:

U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen would like to share information on an exciting opportunity that may be of interest to your students.

Juniors (students in the Class of 2023) who have an interest in learning about opportunities to attend a U.S. Service Academy for college are encouraged to apply to participate in a summer program. Each Academy’s summer program provides a week-long immersion into the academic, military, and social life of that Academy.  The Academies are ranked among the top undergraduate public universities in the country. The U.S. Naval Academy also offers a Summer STEM Program for rising 9th-11th graders. (Please see below.) 

Participation in a summer program is considered a student’s first step in navigating their future to becoming one of our nation’s next generation of leaders. Summer programs introduce one to life at an Academy, where they will experience first-class academic, athletic, and professional training at one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the country

Summer program applications are now being accepted for the U.S. Military Academy (Summer Leaders Experience, West Point, NY), U.S. Naval Academy (Summer Seminar, Annapolis, MD), and U.S. Coast Guard Academy (AIM Summer Program, New London, CT). 

U.S. Military AcademySession ISession II 
Deadline: March 15, 2022 May 28 – June 3, 2022June 4-12, 2022

Additional information and the application for the Summer Leader Experience (SLE) are on West Point’s website at

MW art work

HCC Summer language program STARTALK application starts

Howard Community College’s STARTALK (Chinese and Arabic) summer application just started.

Would you please help us spread the news among HCPSS students and parents?

Pease see the flyers attached.

We have scheduled an information night on March 22, 6:00-7:00 PM. This is the Zoom link:

Thank you so much for helping us reach out to the Howard County learning community!


Yulan Liu, Ph.D.

Director, StarTalk Student Engagement Program

Coordinator, Asian Languages, English/World Languages Division

Howard Community College

Board meeting recap 2022-3-10

Public forum:

  • home and hospital program

Student Representative Report: Centennial High School

Superintendent Report:

  • Promotion of Tammy Jones to principal, Lime Kiln Middle School
  • Covid update: none of the metrics the health department has been regularly tracking to inform COVID‐related decisions are in the red or danger zone.
  • Tents will come back to all elementary schools
  • Field trips: overnight and school‐to‐school field trips may now resume. One factor that may still result in a denial of an overnight field trip is if it is to an area of the country that has been identified as a COVID “hot spot”.
  • Student‐Athlete Vaccination and Testing: we are discontinuing the weekly testing requirement for student‐athletes who have not confirmed their vaccination status.
  • End of Year activities: Schools are planning in‐person end‐of year activities this spring. This includes celebration and promotional opportunities. Additionally, proms and graduations will be occurring in‐person


  • Howard County Education Association

Incentive Pay Discussion for NBC teachers at Low Performing Schools

  • The board discussed $7,000 incentive pay for Nationally Board Certified (NBC) teachers at low performing schools, following Blueprint for Maryland legislation. The eight schools are: Cradlerock ES, Swansfield ES, Harper’s Choice MS, Lake Elkhorn MS, Oakland Mills MS, Wilde Lake MS, Oakland Mills HS, Homewood.

Portable Classroom Discussion

  • The board discussed portables for Bollman Bridge ES, West Friendship ES, Folly Quarter MS, Mount View MS . In total there are 212 units, 255 class room spaces, 7650 seats in HCPSS. The motion failed. We will have discussions in the next board meeting.

Policy Discussion:

  • Approved: Policy 6080 Sustainability
  • Approved: Policy 9400 Student Behavior Intervention
  • Approved: Policy 1060 Bullying, Cyberbulling, Harassment, or Intimidation
  • Approved: Policy 4070 Fund Balance
  • Report: Policy 1050 Tobacco-Free Environment
  • Report: Policy 9230 Alcohol, Other Drugs, Prescription Medication and Over the Counter Products 

2022-2023 HCPSS redistricting for new High School 13

On January 27, 2022, the Board of Education directed that HCPSS initiate the boundary review process outlined in Policy 6010 School Attendance Areas. This review will include boundary modifications to establish an attendance area for New High School #13.

New High School #13 is scheduled to open for the 2023-24 school year with 1,680 seats. The school is located near Mission Road and Washington Boulevard (Rt. 1) in Jessup, within the current Hammond High School attendance area. The communities located in the eastern part of Howard County are most likely to be impacted by this redistricting process.

Changes in school attendance areas as a result of this process will take effect beginning the 2023-24 school year.

More to follow at HCPSS website:




大家好,我是伍超。现任马里兰哈维郡教育委员(school board/BOE member, 任期 2018-2022)。2022年2月18日,我正式宣布竞选马里兰州众议员。恳请大家支持我!

我于马里兰大学获得博士学位。我在马里兰学习、工作、成家,迄今已经在马里兰生活了接近二十年。我和夫人有两个小孩。这些年我除了数据科学家的全职工作, 还一直在为社区做志愿服务。

2018年我第一次参加竞选,还记得11月6日大选投票日,华裔社区两百多位志愿者在大风大雨中,在哈维郡各大投票站点举着我的竞选牌子,给一个个选民分发我的BOE竞选传单。是社区的每一份捐款和每一张选票的支持,是大家顶风冒雨一票一票的争取下,我才能以五万四千多,第二高票,当选教育委员;是大家一起携手,创造了哈维华裔第一代移民草根参政的历史;是大家的力量,让我成为了你们的声音。我于2018年12月3日,正式宣誓就职哈维郡教育委员。 哈维郡公立学校有近十亿美元的预算,58000学生,八千教职员工。



教育质量是我们华裔非常关心的议题。我刚上任那年,学校系统有财政亏空,财政预算讨论的时候,有教育委员想缩减G/T和音乐项目。 我第一个指出不能这么做,并成功说服大多数委员支持我的立场,保留了G/T和音乐项目不变。

学区重划也是对我们华裔影响非常大的议题。2019年因为有些学校过度拥挤,要进行全郡范围的学区重划。8月底学监提出的学区重划方案要挪动将近7400个学生,对我们华裔社区的影响尤其大。我立即推出自己的解决方案,以学生为本,只须挪动3000多学生就可以解决学校过度拥挤问题,尽量减少对学生的影响。可惜那一年我们在BOE没有足够的票数支持我的方案,我们不得不从另外一个教育委员的挪动9000多学生的方案开始。在形势不利的情况下,我通过反复努力和修改,从他们要挪动9000多人,改动到只挪动5000多人。当时我已经尽了最大努力,可惜我们没有足够的票数,来通过我当时提出的挪动3000人的方案。学区重划期间,还发生了一起华裔家庭被骂“go back to Asia” 恶性事件,我随即在接下来的一个board meeting 上严厉谴责了这种种族歧视行为。




亚裔的历史也是美国的历史,亚裔是美国的一部分。在亚裔社区的努力下,也在我们华裔教育委员的督促下,我们学校历史上第一次成立了AAPI Advisory Committee, 定期跟学监讨论各种亚裔关心的话题。在华裔社区和其他社区的共同努力下,学校系统开始系统性地庆祝各种宗教和文化节日,也包括农历新年,让学区文化更具有包容性。

2020年12月我被选为任期一年的BOE主席, 为了使议事更有效率,我顶住压力,改进BOE会议运行流程,给每个教育委员限时提问时间。这个新建立起来的制度从最开始的受到反对, 到被大家普遍接受和认可,现在被新一任BOE主席保持下来。

除了完成BOE日程安排,我还在做推动亚裔历史进入公校教程的努力。2022年二月BOE开会,我单独把支持增加亚裔历史的州立法拿出来投票;并带头在全国性的杂志National School Board Association Journal撰文: 亚裔历史也是美国历史,。2021年当选为Maryland Association of Board of Education的board member以来,我一直呼吁增加亚裔历史教育。最近正在跟National School Board Association交涉,要求他们重视亚裔教育委员们的声音,从而成立AAPI council. 我们需要时时努力争取话语权,团结可以团结的力量,才能提升我们的现状。

全国范围内,我多次带头领导和参加支持亚裔的civil rights运动。既有在DC的游行,也有在最高法院前的抗议,还有在司法部门前的示威。这些活动,不仅起到了支持社区的直接目的,还很明显正在提高着华人和亚裔的社区影响力。通过一件件具体的事情,一篇篇文章,一次次的抗议示威,我为我们社区的努力而骄傲,也感谢大家的一直以来的支持。


七年前,我写道: 不参与,就容易被边缘化;不发声,就容易被别人代言;不投票,很可能就只有接受的命运。我很高兴地看到我们社区的变化,参与,发声,投票,捐款,甚至参加竞选,而且赢得竞选。 

四年BOE任期将满,我拟迈上新征程。我希望能在州一级的层次上,改善我们的教育系统,增强社区安全,提高基础设施,改进交通系统,创造更多工作机会。 我们社区正以前所未有的姿态,改变着我们自己,和我们下一代以及美国的未来。参与里有你有我,成功中相庆相贺,让我们再次携手跨入2022年马里兰州立法委员的大门。我珍视您的每一份支持,每一份捐款,背负社区责任和践行自己的理想,为这个自由美丽的国家,让我们一起努力!

如果你愿意加入一份努力,请看 .

Board meeting recap 2022-2-24

Board meeting recap 2022-2-24

Public Forum:

topics: Musgrove Farm share septic fee structure, cameras in self-contained classrooms, masking, political indoctrination

Administrative Appointment/Promotion 

Student Representative Report: Mt. Hebron High School.

We are excellence, We are community, We are Hebron

Superintendent Report:

  • Howard County Public School System Class of 2021 achieved a graduation rate of 94.1 percent, which exceeds the Maryland average of 87.2 percent, and is up from 93.4 percent in 2020
  • The rates for students with Limited English Proficiency increased by 18.98 percentage points from 47.22 percent for the Class of 2019 to 66.21 percent for the Class of 2021.
  • The rates for African American, and Hispanic and Latino/Latina students, increased by 1.97 and 5.92 percentage points, respectively, from the Class of 2019 to the Class of 2021.
  • The rates for students receiving Free and Reduced Meals increased by 4.57 percentage points, from the Class of 2019 to the Class of 2021
  • And, Asian American, white, and students who identified as two or more races achieved graduation rates of 95 percent
  • As of yesterday, February 23rd, the positivity rate in Howard County was 3.32 percent and the 7-day average was 10.92 and continues to drop.
  • Also as of yesterday, our seven-day total of positive COVID cases among students was 62 and 17 among staff, and we had 112 students and 29 staff members in quarantine as of Tuesday, February 22nd. At the recent high point for the virus, our seven-day total of positive COVID cases among students was 945 and 108 among staff, and we had 6,142 students and 241 staff members in quarantine. We currently have 6 active outbreaks.
  • Mask mandate may be changed to “optional” if the Maryland General Assembly’s Administrative, Executive & Legislative Review committee votes to rescind the mask mandate tomorrow.

The board voted to make mask “optional” starting Tuesday, March 1st, 2022

English Language Arts Strategic Plan

Picture of the Day, HCPSS Kindergarten Art Work