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Proposed 2018 HCPSS redistricting

The document is located at$file/06%2022%201027%20Presentation%20of%20Feasibility%20Study%20BR.pdf

Iam very surprised. This report is so different from the 2016 report. In the 2016 report, only a tiny change was proposed. Please see my original post at

Now, the approximate number of projected students moved is 8,800 for the 2018 school year, which is 15.6 percent of the total projected student enrollment. I am a little puzzled and concerned by this dramatic change.

2018 HCPSS School Redistricting Figure 5-12018 HCPSS School Redistricting Figure 5-22018 HCPSS School Redistricting Figure 5-3

School Board Primer

I think this primer is helpful for understanding the basic structure of school board.

What is a school board’s most important responsibility?

The most important responsibility of school boards is to work with their communities to improve student achievement in their local public schools. School boards derive their power and authority from the state. In compliance with state and federal laws, school boards establish policies and regulations by which their local schools are governed.

Your school board is responsible for:

  • employing the superintendent
  • developing and adopting policies, curriculum, and the budget;
  • overseeing facilities issues; and
  • adopting collective bargaining agreements.

– See more at:

What makes a school board effective?

Effective School Boards:

  1. Commit to a vision of high expectations for student achievement.
  2. Have strong shared beliefs and values about students’ ability to learn and of the system and its ability to teach all children at high levels.
  3. Are accountability driven.
  4. Have a collaborative relationship with staff and the community.
  5. Are data-savvy.
  6. Align and sustain resources to meet district goals.
  7. Lead as a united team with the superintendent.
  8. Take part in team development and training.

– See more at:

I believe I can be an effective school board member. 🙂

Extremely Low HCPSS School Bus Utilization Rate for one school

The average ridership per bus is 24.32% on 10 school buses for a specif school. This is the rate I computed from data that some parents shared with me. The data was collected by bus drivers. Assuming the bus is a 72-seat bus. So I can see there is a potential and need to increase our school bus utilization rate. This can partially address the later high school start time initiative which I strong support.

A school by school bus utilizatiom rate will be more helpful. I will request those data from HCPSS and have a look.

school bus ridership rate

Wide spread superintendent struggle

HCPSS superintendent Dr. Renee Foose was retired from her position this week with 1.6 million dollar package. This probably is one of the highest severance package for superintendent all around the world.

Nearby north, Baltimore County superintendent Dallas Dance resigned without early notice.

Nearby south, Montgomery County had a hard time to hire a superintendent. Its current superintendent Jack R. Smith was hired from 70 candidates.

In one article, The Council of Great City Schools, which researches tenure, salaries and characteristics of school superintendents, found in a 2014 report that 3.2 years was the average tenure among superintendents in cities with populations of more than 250,000. Ref:

The average 3.2 years’ tenure for superintendent is really problematic. This length of time could not guarantee stability in the school management, execution of any strategy and long term planning of the school development.  A good superintendent has to be open, practical, intelligent, friendly and energetic. It is a tough job to battle many fronts at the same time. It is also the most rewarding job since he/she has a huge impact on our kids’ education.

2016 HCPSS staff break-down by race

I heard from NPR radio Thursday night about Fairfax public school teacher hiring issue (

This radio program prompted me to go back to look at HCPSS school staff number by race. This does not imply anything wrong at HCPSS.

Number and Percentage of Certified, Management and Technical Staff by Race

HCPSS staff Table 14

Race and Ethnicity of School-based Administrators by Level and Position

HCPSS staff Table 15

Number of Employees by Race and Ethnicity

HCPSS staff Appendix D

The original document is attached here

01 27 2017 Human Resources 2016 Annual BR

Updated: one reader shared the following graph (HCPSS staff representation and race) with me after my post:

HCPSS staff representation by race

It is pretty easy to get the above graph from the original data.

Survey result of top 3 factors for school redistricting

Survey results for school redistricting factors:. The gray one is the number four choice in each category. You can still view the result at the original page:

 Top three factors for school redistricting

  1. Areas that are made up of contiguous communities or neighborhoods.
  2. Feeds that encourage keeping students together from one school to the next. For example, avoiding feeds of less that 15% at the receiving school
  3. The number of students that walk or receive bus service and the distance and time bused students travel
  4. Frequency with which any one student is reassigned, making every attempt to not move student more than once at any school level or the same student more frequently than once every five years

Least important three factors 

  1. The racial/ethnic composition of the student population
  2. Number of students moved, taking into account the correlation between the number of students moved, the outcomes of other standards achieved in Section IVB. and the length of time those results are expected to be maintained.
  3. The level of English learners as measured by enrollment in the English for Speakers of Other Language (ESOL) program
  4. Other reliable demographic indicators, when applicable.

Total response: 355 votes.

Poll: choose your top three factors for 2017 HCPSS redistricting

Please rank your top 3 most important factors in school redistricting. Someone shared this picture with me when they attended the first HCPSS redistricting public meeting. I applied for the admission into the HCPSS Attendance Area Committee. If I am selected , this poll will help me understand our parents’ need.

Please poll here and thanks for your participation. You can only pick three answers. The system will allow you to vote only once. You can share it with your friends too.


Attached please find the picture.