HCPSS Board Meeting 2022-11-17 recap

HCPSS Board Meeting 2022-11-17 recap

This is my last board meeting recap. My board term came to end next month

Recognition of outgoing board member:

  • Chao Wu
  • Vicky Cutroneo

Student Representative Report: River Hill High School

SMOB report

Superintendent Report


Howard County Association of Supervisors and Administrators (HCASA)

Administrative Agenda

  • FY 2022 Audit Report
  • Approval of Attendance Area Adjustment Plan 
    • approved sibling exemption
  • Naming of New High School #13: Recommend: Quarry Heights High School


Howard County Education Association (HCEA)

HCPSS BOE meeting 11-3-2022 recap

HCPSS BOE meeting 11-3-2022 recap

Student Representative: Reservoir High School

SMOB Report

Superintendent Report:

  • school office visit,
  • print service,
  • dual enrollment update,
    • JumpStart program will be free of tuition to HCPSS students.
    • Over 1100 students are enrolled in HCC and 2297 are enrolled in HCPSS-based courses eligible for college credits.
  • Asynchronous Inclement Weather Days.
    • Up to three inclement weather days as asynchronous instruction days.
  • Health and Safety Message

HCEA report

  • ESP Bill of Rights

Administrative Agenda

  • Proclamation: National Native American Heritage Month 
  • Extended School Year Programs – Summer 2022
  • Student Cell Phone Usage
  • Development of FY 2024 Budget Line Items for Board of Education Office

Public Hearing

  • Policy 10020 Use of School Facilities


  • Policy 2000 School Board Governance 
  • Policy 7090 Transfer of Teachers, Approved.
  • Policy 4090 Debt Management. Approved.

ESSA Consolidated Strategic Plan/Blueprint Implementation Plan

HCPSS board meeting 2022-10-20 recap

Student Representative Report: Whild Lake High School

SMOB report

Superintendent Report:

  • Earlier this week, I sent a message to the community regarding the uptick in hoax threats that schools are receiving, which largely are bomb or shooting threats. •These are not taken lightly and we respond to every single threat with the appropriate level of urgency and caution.• Every threat is investigated thoroughly by the school system and HCPD.
  • School-based Wellness Center Expansion of Services
  • Library A+ Partnership Celebration

Howard County Association of Supervisors and Administrators (HCASA) – APPOINTMENT

School Start Times: Implementation Plan Progress Report (Brian Nevin/Tom Platt, Decision Support Group LLC)

The table shows the current starting time.

Reading Opens Doors Charter School Application Evaluation (Antwan Perry) – ACTION

Application Denied.

2022-10-4 HCPSS BOE meeting recap

superintendent report:

  • Howard County Public School System has received an unmodified opinion from our external auditor, which is included in the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report for fiscal year (FY) 2022.
  • To support awareness of these efforts, our school district will participate in Unity Day on October 19th
  • I am particularly proud that two of my recent Cabinet members were appointed to superintendency positions this year. Dr. Monifa McKnight was named Superintendent in Montgomery County, Maryland, and Dr. Theo Cramer was named Superintendent in Isle of Wight County, Virginia.  


  • Proclamation: Substance Abuse Prevention Month
  • Proclamation: LGBTQ+ History Month 
  • Proclamation: National School Lunch Week

Curriculum and Instructional Resources – 2022 Update

HCPSS Inclement Weather Asynchronous Instruction Plan

Comprehensive Maintenance Plan

2022-9-22 BOE board meeting recap

SMOB report

Superintendent report

  • appointment: Judith Jones, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Jennifer Hlavka, Coordinator of National Board Certification and Teacher Career Pathways, Dee Lake, Coordinator of Assessment.
  • update on the e-ticket GoVan system.
  • filled 99% certified positions.
  • working on improving hiring process.

HECA presentation

CAC report

Administrative Agenda:

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Completion Plan
  • OBRC
  • Naming of High School #13 Charter
  • Policy 8020- Grading and Reporting: Middle & High School
    • “Beginning with students who were in grade 9 in school year 2021 – 2022, to be promoted to grade 12, students must have at least fourteen credits including two English credits and two mathematics credits, have successfully passed Health I and Lifetime Fitness, and have three years of high school attendance.”

*Superintendent’s Proposed FY 2024 Capital Budget & FY 2025-2029 Capital Improvement Program

Board Meeting Recap 2022-6-23

Proclamation: Student Member of the Board of Education (BOE) Peter Banyas

Signing contract with American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)

Program Evaluation of Ukeru Systems 

School Start Times: Transportation Service Model and Technology Improvements

Transportation Service Model and Technology Recommendations for Change

Key decision: HCPSS is preparing for the HCPSS to operate a portion of the transportation system beginning July 1, 2023. This is something new.

Operating Budget Review Committee (OBRC) Final Report

Instructional Use of Technology

Board Meeting Recap 2022-6-9

Public Forum

LGBTQA+ concerns

Administrative Appointments and Promotions

Administrative Transfers 

Student Member Report

school visit at HS 13, Hammond High and Talbott Springs ES

Superintendent Report

2020 Awardees

  1. Our Principal of the Year and a Washington Post Principal of the Year nominee, Nancy Thompson from Talbott Springs Elementary School
  2. Our Teacher of the Year and Maryland State Department of Education candidate, Jerome Pickens from Bryant Woods Elementary School
  3. And, our Teacher of the Year and a Washington Post Teacher of the Year nominee, Suzi Young from Homewood School

2021 Awardees

  1. o Our Principal of the Year and Washington Post Principal of the Year nominee, Denise Lancaster from Deep Run Elementary School
  2. o Our Teacher of the Year and Maryland State Department of Education candidate, Amy Woolf from Oakland Mills Middle School
  3. o And, our Teacher of the Year and a Washington Post Teacher of the Year nominee, Niklas Berry from Oakland Mills High School

2022 awardees

  1. Our Principal of the Year and a Washington Post Principal of the Year nominee, Jeffrey Fink from Oakland Mills High School
  2. o Our Teacher of the Year and Maryland State Department of Education candidate, Jorden Lim from Long Reach High School
  3. o And, our Teacher of the Year and a Washington Post Teacher of the Year nominee, Jessica Palad from Pointers Run Elementary School

MCTM’s Outstanding Educator Awardees

  1. In the Beginning Mathematics Teacher Category, Joshua Ernst from Mount Hebron High School.
  2. o In the Middle School Mathematics Teacher Category, Jenna Largent from Homewood Center.
  3. o In the High School Mathematics Teacher Category, Kevin Flynn from Marriotts Ridge High School.
  4. o And in the Mathematics Teacher Leader Category – Jennifer Mullinix, a Mathematics Instructional Support Teacher at Hammond High School and Long Reach High School

School Start Time Change Implementation Project Status Update


  1. Policy 4060 Medicaid Reimbursement for Health-Related Services (approved)
  2. Policy 6060 Community Improvement to School Sites or School Facilities (approved)
  3. Policy 4050 Procurement of Goods and/or Services (approved)
  4. Policy 8020 Grading & Reporting: Middle & High School  (presented)
    1. The revision recommends removing midterm and finals from most courses.

2022 Feasibility Study

Board meeting recap 2022-3-24

Public forum:

Musgrove Farm HOA shared septic cost


Glenelg High School:

Two candidates for SMOB election: Oliver Song and Abisola Ayoola from Wilde Lake High School

Superintendent Report:

  • For Unvaccinated Staff and Volunteers, they will no longer be required to provide proof of vaccination or undergo weekly testing. •Additionally, we announced that school visitors and volunteers will no longer be required to provide proof of vaccination before entering the school building.
  • The quarantine policy keeps the same.

Dr. Martirano will provide guidance on how to reduce screen time shortly.

Howard County Association of Supervisors and Administrators (HCASA)

Portable class room update

Approve the recommendations for installation of relocatable units for the school year 2022–2023. In total, there are 212 units, 255 class room spaces and 7650 seats for the portables.

Blueprint Local Flexibility – Low Performing Schools 

  • The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future requires the annual identification of schools with low performance to initiate $7,000 incentive pay for Nationally Board Certified (NBC) teachers at those schools. Schools selected would be designated as low performing for the 2022-2023 school year.
  • Elementary School: Cradlerock, Swansfield, Middle School: Harper’s Choice, Lake Elkhorn, Oakland Mills, Wild Lake, High School: Oakland Mils, and Homewood Center.

School Start Times Format/Template (Brian Nevin; Tom Platt, Decision Support Group LLC) – REPORT

Proposed Instructional Materials and Review Schedule

Board meeting recap 2022-3-10

Public forum:

  • home and hospital program

Student Representative Report: Centennial High School

Superintendent Report:

  • Promotion of Tammy Jones to principal, Lime Kiln Middle School
  • Covid update: none of the metrics the health department has been regularly tracking to inform COVID‐related decisions are in the red or danger zone.
  • Tents will come back to all elementary schools
  • Field trips: overnight and school‐to‐school field trips may now resume. One factor that may still result in a denial of an overnight field trip is if it is to an area of the country that has been identified as a COVID “hot spot”.
  • Student‐Athlete Vaccination and Testing: we are discontinuing the weekly testing requirement for student‐athletes who have not confirmed their vaccination status.
  • End of Year activities: Schools are planning in‐person end‐of year activities this spring. This includes celebration and promotional opportunities. Additionally, proms and graduations will be occurring in‐person


  • Howard County Education Association

Incentive Pay Discussion for NBC teachers at Low Performing Schools

  • The board discussed $7,000 incentive pay for Nationally Board Certified (NBC) teachers at low performing schools, following Blueprint for Maryland legislation. The eight schools are: Cradlerock ES, Swansfield ES, Harper’s Choice MS, Lake Elkhorn MS, Oakland Mills MS, Wilde Lake MS, Oakland Mills HS, Homewood.

Portable Classroom Discussion

  • The board discussed portables for Bollman Bridge ES, West Friendship ES, Folly Quarter MS, Mount View MS . In total there are 212 units, 255 class room spaces, 7650 seats in HCPSS. The motion failed. We will have discussions in the next board meeting.

Policy Discussion:

  • Approved: Policy 6080 Sustainability
  • Approved: Policy 9400 Student Behavior Intervention
  • Approved: Policy 1060 Bullying, Cyberbulling, Harassment, or Intimidation
  • Approved: Policy 4070 Fund Balance
  • Report: Policy 1050 Tobacco-Free Environment
  • Report: Policy 9230 Alcohol, Other Drugs, Prescription Medication and Over the Counter Products 

Board Meeting Recap 2022-1-27

Public Forum:

topics copied: discipline discrepancy, mental health support need.


Current legal counsel Mr. Mark Blom is retiring. Thanks for his service. We are hiring  J. Stephen Cowles as our new general counsel.

Superintendent Report

  • Employee bonus 1800 dollars
  • covid positivity rate is 11.22% and 7-day average was 48.34
  • Dashboard data update: use Synergy to synchronize. only show cases took place in HCPSS.
  • HCHD updated quarantine protocols: 5-day
  • At home test kit distribution: purchased 66000 units will be distributed to every student and staff member.
  • Mask update: keep the mask mandate now
  • Technology update: 7850 more chromebooks will arrive earlier.
  • President’s Day Inclement weather makeup (Monday Feb 21, 2022)
  • Juneteenth National Independence Day: June 20, 2022 school will be closed. If the board choose to use President’s Day as an inclement weather make-up day, then students will not be scheduled to be in school on Monday, June 20th. However, if an additional inclement weather days are required, we will need one more inclement weather day on June 22, 2022.
  • Valuing all people.
  • 2017 Office of Civil Rights Accessibility Audit closure.

For parents, call 211 for children’s mental health, etc. (https://211md.org/)

SMOB report

9th grade orientation, mental health support, etc.


Howard County Educator Association (HCEA): presentation from Swansfield ES about restorative justice successful practice.

Howard County Association of Supervisors and Administrators (HCASA)

Administrative Agenda

  1. Proclamation: African American History Month
  2. Bids and Contract: Information Technology Research and Advisory Services
  3. Student Enrollment Projection Accuracy Report
    1. As of September 30, 2021, the countywide K-12 enrollment of the HCPSS was 55,899. The projection developed in the Spring of 2021 for the same timeframe was 58,208, a 2,309 student difference (Attachment 2). Approximately 57 percent of the projections by school had error rates at or below 5 percent. Approximately 10 percent of the projections by school were within 10 students of the actual student enrollment (Attachments 3 and 4). The mean absolute percentage error (MAPE) by school was 5.0 percent.
    2. The 2021 projection was developed and finalized prior to the onset of the recent variants of COVID-19. Much of the 2,309 student difference is due to families choosing to homeschool, transfer their students to private schools, or delay kindergarten enrollment.
  4. Legislative Report (state bills and council bill from council member Deb Jung)
  5. HS 13 Boundary Review: Move approval to direct the Superintendent to initiate the boundary review process outlined Policy 6010 during calendar year 2022. This review should include boundary modifications to establish an attendance area for New High School #13, including related adjustments.
  6. Operating Budget Review Committee (OBRC)
  7. Proposed Modification for the 2021-2022 Academic Calendar 
    • Move to use Presidents Day 2022 as a school day to replace one of the January inclement weather days.
    • Move to close schools and offices on the observed Juneteeth as a holiday
    • Move to make an inclement weather make up day for June 22, 2022

Public Forum 7:00

topics: girls on the run, lunch quality , student discipline, vision screening for students, mask mandate,

Public Testimony

  • school start time
  • school budget
  • school calendar

For those who celebrate the Lunar New Year, Happy New Year, Year of Tiger.

BOE meeting recap 2022-1-13

BOE meeting recap 2022-1-13

Public forum:

  • topics include: environmental literacy, mask breaks, concerning about covid-19

Student Representative:

  • Homewood

Student Board Member (Peter Banyas) Report:

  • talked about the student townhall on covid, board virtual coffee hour, HCASC virtual general assembly.

Superintendent report:

  • promotions and transfers
  • Student Board Member Peter won the United States Senate forum in DC.
  • 25% salary increase for substitute teachers

Howard County Educator Association (HCEA) presentation

  • presentation from Prof. Meagan Fitzpatrick


  • Policy 1025 Title IX Sexual Harassment, Report
  • Policy 2010 Student Representation, approved
  • Policy 4100 Investment, approved
  • Policy 4070 Fund Balance, deferred
  • Policy 9090 Wellness through Nutrition and Physical Activity, approved.

Public Forum Evening

topics included: reading strategic plan, covid-19 mitigation strategies and loss

Administrative Agenda

  • Bids and contracts
  • Class Size Report
  • School Start Times
  • Operating Budget Review Committee
  • 2022-2024 Proposed Academic Calendar

I am attaching some student’s art work hanging in the BOE central office.